Friday, May 30, 2008

An emotional night

MrComot has been bugging me from last two weeks on what I want for my birthday. And all of the time I will only say 'Tak payah apa2 lah...I really don't want anything'. The truth is I'm not used with the idea of presents and gifts, regardless any occasion. In fact, my family don't really celebrate birthdays. So I'm not really bothered.

I'm not obsessed with handbags, shoes, makeups, and other girly stuff. So he is practically blank with the gifts list. He did offer me to buy new handphone but I was like, heloooooo, you nak belikan I handphone? Giler ke apa? Unless we are married ok la.

Seriously, cakap la I kampung ke apa ke kan, but I seriously don't get it when the gf/bf shower their partner with thousands punya stuff kan. I mean, kalau murah2 ok RM300 max. He/she is just your bf/gf kannnnn. Bukannya I kedekut ke apa ke, but it really doesn't make any sense.

Btw..takkan I nak dia beli handphone 300 kan..mesti I nak ribu riban hahaha..

And suddenly he came out with the idea (Shani, I think he influenced by yours hahaha)

MrComot: Busuk, cakap la you nak apa for your birthday
Me: Me really want nothing la..
MrComot: banje you spa okkkkk
Me: Eh's can go sendiri.
MrComot: have all the spa, then we go together for ikan2 kenko utk kaki tu.

Yaaaa laaahhh tuu nak pegi sendiri. I was being polite fyi tapi dalam hati excited gedik mcm nak mati okkkk.

So I've been browsing where to have my complete spa for this upcoming event. The truth is, I've never been to any spa, scrub, etc etc. KAMPUNG tak I? Ahahaha.. I dunno lah..I'm quite thrifty. I rather buy RM120 crabtree&evelyn scrub than do the RM70 commercial scrub/spa.

So basically I was expecting nothing but the spa, even a fine dinner.

So last night we just had this so-called-sloppiest burger in Malaysia, Om Burger (which I'm going to write about it later) in a car! Tgk romantic ke tak romantic MrComot ni? And had BR icecream after that. But I don't mind at all sbb nnt nak pegi spa kan?

So after the icecream session he sent me home and at 11:15pm he already need to go sbb ada migration at Wangsa Maju start at 1130pm. So in the car he hugged me hard and said:

MrComot: Happy birthday sayang
Me: Mana ada birthdayyyyy tak pukul 12 lagi
MrComot: Tu laaa...but me wish siap2 laa
Me: It's wish me can go teman you but me soo sleeeppyy headdd.. Me really tak tahan.. sowieee
MrComot: No it's want you to rest 'I don't care tak celebrate birthday with you' at that time kan. Mmg I'm involved with the migration thing as well, but seriously mengantuk and some more dah ramai org pegi, so kalau I tak pegi pun takpe. I rather have my sleep than spend 12:00am with him :P

Me: Ok...see you soon okk. Promise me you will call me when the migration habis, no matter pukul berapa
MrComot: Me promised me will call..

Tiba-tiba kan.. dia amik beg laptop dia,

MrComot: Comot, me have something for you

I was like, apa diaaaa pulakk kann..kata nak bagi spaa


Apsal gamba rotate mcm ni eh? I dah buat dia melintang? Haishhhh

And you know tiba2 I buat apa? I nangesssss okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I mean, I was like, seriously terkejut. terkejut gila babi punya terkejut.

First, I don't expect any 'other' gift since he already mentioned nak bagi I spa kan.
Second, this is freaking 'Aishiteru To Itte Kure' okkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I've been wanting this like, forever?

Actually I can easily buy it online. But as I said before, I am soooo berkira okkk. I mean the DVD is just like Rm90 ke apa something like that but including shipping jadi almost 200 okkkk! Since it is ned DVD release, takde kat Msia lagi, so kena la ship from Taiwan, if I'm not mistaken. And I totally forgot about it after that.

Then we basically promised each other to get the dvd when we go to Japan (ehemmmmm bilakah ini? :P) which is like.. lambat lagi lah kan. But I don't care, selagi boleh jimat, selagi tu lah kita buat. After all, it is only dvd. Tak mati pun kalau tak dapat sekarang kan?

Me: Seriooooouuusssslllyyyyy you get this???? Mana you beli???
MrComot: laa
Me: How much?
MrComot: Mana boleh cakapppp
Me: From where? Kenapa ada KPDN ni?? Malaysiaaaa laaa niiii

Bolehh takkk?? Org dah beli tapi still nak komplennn hahaha

MrComot: Ehhh is it? Me tak perasan la. You go check the quality nnt
Me: Ok me check..nnt me report. Kalau tak okk you marah okkk org tu

Then..I just remember about the spa thingy

Me: Heyyyy spa tu on takk?
MrComot: Mestilahhhh..this is pre-birthday


Terus aku nanges, AGAIN okkkkkkk.

That was soo unpredictable.

OMG. At one time when you think you know everything about your other half, in another blink you can find the other side of him. Human is soo interesting. They evolved and it is a never-ending learning process.

Oh is my birthday! =D
Thanks for all the wishhhh!!! Mwahhhh



  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa soooooooooooo sweettttt oke sis! bestnyer your mr.comot!!!!
    happy birthday again!!!! =)

  2. dah blajar kegel?

  3. Ahahaha..boleh tak me baru baca posting nih? Comelnya ^_^

    Hey, kan me dah rekomen 2-3 spa..mcm mana andes boleh tak pay attention dan mr.comot yg dengar nih?

    pegilah spa tu darling..its indulgence..

    *sigh* dah la mr.comot punya skin dah cantik seadanya, ditambah dgn spa nih, makin berseri-seri lah ye?

    me soooo sleepy too..nk titon...

    nanti me kirim hadiah me k.. (mcm jauh jer :p)

  4. this is sooo men-jelessssssss-kan okkkkk! mr.comot so sweeeeeeeet like stoberry sunday lah. lucky bum u! :D

    since u dah mention u tak celebrate bday & tak reti present2 ni *nasib baik* so me kasi kasih sayang sejati je la kat u eh.. eventho yb dah kasi more than u need kan ;)

  5. uhuhu..sukenye dgn mr.comot. wah..mcm nak terjatuh cinta plak..opss..mwahahaha

    happy belated birthday again anyway..:)
    May Allah grant u with good health, great wealth and the great gorgeous husband :D

  6. Nur, thanks darling.

    Anonymous, err..kenapa kena belaja kegel?

    Shani, kita pegi together nak?

    Bee, nothing to be jealous of pun. 10 years pun not enough to know one person ok. Me nak pressie jugakkkk!! :P

    Khairiah, wishing you the same too. With mrlampard of course hehe..

    Btw, just a general reply to all of the comment.. you might see MrComot so sweet and comel etc etc. But, mcm la dia sweet sgt kannnnnn. Ada jugak time2 dia buat I cry. My point is, our life is soo exciting and unpredictable, and everybody is deserved to love and to be loved ;)

    So just enjoy and cherish it while you still can.

  7. hugging him when not yet a married couple at that time? Fear Allah, dear.