Monday, May 26, 2008

Of Phone and swimming suit

Hi peeps! How are you guys doing? Ok..since I literally promised to write on how I lost my phone, here it is..

I lost my phone on the 2nd day in Cherating. I was walking at the beach then I 'realized' my phone is not with me. I have this habit not carrying any bag and hold my handphone instead of put it in the pocket. I pun dunno why. Anyway, I quickly tracing back the chronology and I remembered that the last time I hold my phone was in the cafe for breakfast. The walking is right away after the breakfast session.

So, if my calculation is right, the phone most probably accidentally left in the cafe. So we quickly went back to the cafe, looking everywhere and asked the workers but no one sees it. Then MrComot quickly made a call to my phone and guess what?

Yes, the call went straight to voicemail machine.

The first thing that struck my mind was, 'sah la ada org amik and off that phone'.

I was pretty upset, with my carelessness. But what to do kan? Nasib baik it was a 2 years phone and I was going to buy new one pun but not by this way - lost. I planned to use it until it gone kaput.

Until back to KL, I still think somebody stole it. On the Tues morning, while uploading and browsing all the pictures, look what I found:

This picture was taken while we were walking on the beach, right after breakfast.

Ok close up:

My phone OKKKKK!! And almost terkeluar from my pocket.

So I can safely say, my phone jatuh laut. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I think the sea already washed it out and that explains the voicemail thingy. Hope the mermaid can use the 3G haha

Btw, below is the sneak peek at my swim suit. Comeiiii kannnnn????

It's a bit sexy but I go to the pool on Tues and Fri evening. Only girls can enter for that session. So, tak kisah la kan seksi sket2 ;P

I'm learning how to take new breath while swimming now. It's not a formal class. Just a leisure swim with the girlfriends. RM2 per entry at UM.



  1. yo..some more pink/purple karerrr..sangat laaa gedikkkkkknye okkkk! hehehe :P

  2. sweet and cute that suit ;)

  3. Wah, si Comel ni pergi cherating rupanya. Mesti best kan main air laut? Rindunyaa beaches.

    Sorry to hear about your hengpong. Dia hilang sebab nak suruh you beli baru :)

    About the stall incident, takpelah.. bukan rezeki orang tu. You pun bukan sengaja.

    Last but not least, congratulations sebab dah pandai swimming! Yay!!

  4. Bee, that's whyyyyy gedikkkkk okkkk. Me pun kenot tahan when wearing it. In water siap terapung2 ok. Oppss..mcm mana nak pandai berenang kan. Obsession with the swim suit more than the swimming itself :P

    Nur, I bet you want it too kan? Tomei kan? Kan? :P

    Bellaaaaaaa... wendunya kat kauuu. KL ni takde beaches kan.. Kalau ada pun mcm selut2 gitu. Kalau tak, boleh aku bawak kau pegi.