Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Pink Mosque

I went to Putrajaya last weekend to pick-up cupcakes from Anna. Since we already late (almost 7pm) for Asar prayer, we stopped by Masjid Putrajaya. That was my 1st time been there. I was half running into the mosque when one lady in uniform stop me and asked me to wear their long dress. I was like, what? and why? Then I noticed that because I'm wearing short sleeve shirt. Haha. It's not that short..just normal kid's shirt type..jap I show you.


The shirt I wore that day.
'You ain't smart till you are a street smart' gituuuuu.
It was my youngest sis punya. I cilok hehehe.

Btw, as for the lady, I mean, are you serious? Yeah, I know the aurat thingy, but this is the 1st time I face this kind of situation. Since I'm already late, so I quickly grab the long dress in their cupboard, put it on and run.

DarthVader in the making.
See the double chin?! OMG, am I that fat?
And apsal asyik buat peace (oh my..I look so lame ;( )

The mosque is huge! The ablution place is like 3 level downstairs that I kept on running down and still couldn't find it that I stop and asked, 'kak, tempat air smayang kat mana?' It was really confusing.

And I can see lots people in that special dress. Seems like lots not wearing properly, hehehe. After Asar, I went outside took some pics and have a chat with the lady that stopped me;

Me: Akak, sejak bila kena pakai mcm ni eh?
Lady: Dah lama, dlm 2-3 tahun. Meh sini nak tunjuk...

(while holding my arm okkkk! Ehemm..another sign, am I that chubby and adorable that she couldn't resist? *crazyyy*)

She brought me to a noticeboard stamped with a piece of poster showing the dress etiquettes:

No tight/fit shirt
No short shirt (as in normal t-shirt)
No sheer cloth

Me: Wahh..strict nya nak masuk masjid ni
Lady: A'ah..imam ada tegur dulu org pakai tak elok

Wahhh imam tegur okkkkk! Pitam makkk.

The pink dome

Shiny charity piggy bank

The egg-shaped lights. It's way prettier than in this pic.

The jemaah waiting for Maghrib

Btw, I don't know it's a good thing or not. There are two possibilities, one, it will train and form the girls to wear something polite, second, it will make us 'malas' to get in the mosque. But, it's not everyday thing right?

If I have to pray in that mosque again one day, I will cover myself with my own pashmina. The dress is not that attractive I tell ya ;P



  1. woooo!!! strictnyer!!! u look so cute in that jubah hahaha

  2. hahahahha..me pun penah pakai robe tu. imagine me yg kecik tapi robe gile oversized okk. nmpk mcm khemah berjalan..hahahah!

  3. Nur, that's why!! tergezuttt betaaa okk. Hahaha mana ada cute. Nampak weird okkk.

    Bee, seriously besar and ada hints of smell okkkk. seb baik tak kuat. but me dunno la how frequent they wash it hahahaha