Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Cup of Tea

I'm not a very much tea drinker, but I like to buy different types of tea whenever I finished one. The last time I bought Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Petals. For tea, I like something not too strong with subtle hints of flowers or fruits. And the jasmine petals is satisfying.

My tea ran out of stock last month so I went to the hypermart to buy new one. It took me almost one hour browsing the tea okkkk! And finally I settled for this one. Tropical Fruit Tea by Dalcott. Actually I wanted to buy another green tea (konon2 nak detox kan) but I couldn't find any green tea with other flavour than jasmine. I end up choosing Dalcott because of the unique packaging, it came with wooden box and with catchy tagline - gourmet ceylon tea.

The unique wooden box

Anyway, the tea is a failed experiment. I don't like it at all. I couldn't even finish a cup. After a few sips, I have to throw it in the sink. The color and the smell was too strong, that I couldn't stand it. The tropical fruit was unnoticeable. So, it's not really refreshing as a tropical tea should be. On the other hand, I have this tendency of strong color = got artificial coloring. So, it's a no-no for me.

Since I don't like it at all, the tea left untouched and I need to get a new one. Yeah I know it is membazir ;( but I really couldn't take it. Coincidently, somebody bought me tea! And the best part is, sedapppppppppppppp okkk!!

Sabah Tea

Ya ampunnn..I like everything about it. First of all, no strong color, then a subtle smell of geranium which is soooooo wangiiiiii and cooooool! It smells like rose but fresher and sweeter. At first I thought geranium is some kind of herbs like ginseng. Tgk lah gamba tu..mcm daun pegaga kan. The smell is suspiciously something else and look what I found;

'Geranium is a genus of 422 species of flowering annual, biennial, and perennial plants that are commonly known as the cranesbills'

So it is a flower after all!!!! Mek sukaaaaa!

And the best of the best is, it is pesticide free! Akak suka ok orgnanic2 ni hehehe. Btw, I've tried Sabah Tea brand before, tea with lemon and it was okay too. But I like this one better.

Since it is jenis serbuk punya and I don't have strainer and malas nak beli, minum straight away pun ok. Thanks Bella!!!

She also got me something else. Seaweed snacks!! Weh Bella, kau saikik ke apa, aku suka ok seaweed2 and menda2 pelik ni :P but not as weird as snake's part ke apa. Don't buy me that hahaha.

It is coated with spring rolls. This one is chicken flavour. I'm going to try the ikan bilis one later. Btw, where to buy all this thing eh?

Oh ya..another thumbs up, it is Muslim made. Sudah semestinya halal dan bersih. So takde la kes2 belacan you ada ulat and blended with tikus ok. InsyaAllah terjamin kebersihan dan kesuciannya ;)


  1. sedap eh sabah tea tu?
    me suka TWINNING Tea coz of the taste. semua flavor ada tinge of sweet smell of the substance & nice subtle taste.
    n'way, u shud try CB nye Genmaicha Tea. sooo soothing :)

  2. Have u tried Ahmad tea? Beli kotak kaler oren, with apricott flavour kaedahnya. It smell and taste nice too. One of my friend kalau datang umah mesti request buatkan that tea :)

    Im glad you like the tea and the seaweed cracker (I like seaweed too!!). Aku beli benda alah ni masa pameran harta intelek. Best you, banyak makanan (pelik kan?).

  3. Bee, the Twinning is okay too, but a bit bitter (for me lah).

    Bella, Ahmad Tea belum cuba lagi. Definitely will try it after finish the one u gave me.

  4. Bee..sedap ke CB tu? Wahhhh tak tahan okkk..dengar CB je terus excited.