Friday, May 16, 2008

Chill and Grill in Seoul

It has been 2 weeks with no updates. I've been very busy that I barely can breathe. In fact, they are sooo many things I wanna write about ;(

Btw, I went to Seoul Bulgogi for Korean steamboat and BBQ buffet within last week (gempak tak the title? :P). It is located next to Menara Rebung in Plaza Pantai. Dah lama tak makan sini, tiba2 mengidam. I think, the last time I had the buffet was 2 years ago, more or less.

The spread is like usual, yummylicious! We get to choose chicken or tomyam for the soup base and of course la I chose the tomyam kan. However, the taste is so maggi-like. Lately, I'm developing to msg-maggi-junk food-allergic. So, it's not a very enjoyable dinner.

Starter :P

The food is sooo unbelievable. They have lots of seafood, vegetables, meat, fish and etc. The side food is also meriah okkk, with fresh garden salad, icecreams, ais kacang, pickles, fruits, rojak etc etc.

What make things more interesting is you also get to grill! The steamboat set come with 2 in 1 boil and grill pot. The possibility of you getting muak with the spread is like zero.

The boil and grill pot

Grilling. They give us a bowl of oil for the grill.

The spread as per below. I snapped all sections okay! :P

To be grilled.
Chicken, beef, fish (I spotted catfish! The others I'm not very sure what kind) marinated in chili, curry powder and black pepper.

Boil or grill.
Fresh seafood. That day, the served squid (the yellow one, I prefer the fresh purple one :( ), mussels, bamboo lala, cockles, big lala and prawn. I just took the lala and prawn. The bamboo lala is sooo big that make me afraid to eat it. Hmm..scary okkk. U can even see it's sucking mouth. I like the thinner version.

Vegetables, noodles, and eggs. The kangkung is very fresh and crisp. Sedap okkk celup in that tomyam soup.

Yong Tau Foo. Don't stuff yourself with these balls as they are lots of real food waiting ;)

Fresh garden salad. I didn't have the chance to try any of these as I was too full already ;(

Self-made ais kacang for the desert. You can stuff lots of sweet corn and yummy red beans :D

Fruits and pudding and jelly. Nyam! I was among the last customers, so the food dah sikit.

Rojak. I didn't try this as well. Ruginya ;(

Since I'm 'mengada-ngada' allergic to the soup, I only focused on grilling ;). I just had the soup with vegetables and prawn. Then I be the meat eater.

Hot babes.

The best stuff for that night would be:

Chicken skin!
I'm a sucker for kulit ayam okkkkk. Especially when it's crispy and hot! I grilled lots of this sampai MrComot said, lepas ni kenot eat lemak2 dah.

Lotus root pickled! Eh betul ke nama dia mcm tu? Btw, it's lotus root preserved in vinegar and red coloring. Sedapppp okkk tak tipuuu! So crunchy and not too sour. Yummy!

And my best desert is black sesame icecream!!! That was my 1st time having it and seriously sedap! I will definitely try this type of icecream again whenever I find it.

Even though the spread got thumbs up from me, the soup is the killer. I was full but not really satisfying. After all, it was only two of us. Steamboat and BBQ need more people for the hype. I'll come again, maybe in another 2 years ;P, with a bunch of friends of course.


  1. Memang gempak la tajuknya :p

  2. eeiii..dah lama tak pegi sana. now dah kena pantang, this kenot eat, that kenot eat..hv no choice but to tunggu my pantang period ends. tensi okkkkkk!

  3. Pantang? Bee bersalin ke? :p

  4. Ahahaha Shani..that's why. Berangan okkk pegi Seoul tuu :P

    Kesian u Bee. Nnt after dah abes kita buat bbq sendiri lahhhhh lagi bestt