Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cherating With Love..

Hye all!! As promised, I'm going to write about Cherating trip. I'm still busy a bit but better write now sbb nnt terus takde mood nak tulis.

It was a two nights three days stay.

A little bit about me, I was born in Terengganu. So literally I have kampung in Terangganu lah kan, which is visited once or twice a year, for raya. So, beach is nothing new to me. Hari raya kedua dah berlari ke pantai. It is like 15mins drive from my grandma's place.

So I didn't expect I will enjoy Cherating this much. Maybe it was the right time with the right company kan.

When I said the right time, it is just so happen I just bought a swimsuit for my swimming lesson like a week before (yeah, I can't swim), tiba2 got invitation to Cherating. What a perfect timing!

Before this, I just strolled along the beach and main air sikit2 with t-shirts and pants. Tak best kan?

When I said the right company, MrComot was with me!! My previous history with beaches is only with my family. So boringlaahhhhhhh..main simbah2 air je. Then kenot go do crazy thing, else they will scream, 'jangan pegi jauhhhhhhhhhhh. ombakkkk kuattttt'. Tak suka okk.

This is definitely a total different experience for me. We touched Cherating around 3PM. Mestilah penat kan. Instead of resting, the three of us (Hajime, MrComot and me) BERLARI ke pantai okkkkk. With our swimsuit of course!

The best thing about this beach is, it is landai (hmm..what we call it in english?) jauh ke tengah. So we were like this 10m from the beach and the water is only up to my waist. Then we wait for the big waves coming. Every time it hits us, we jump and free ourselves letting the waves to bounce us and screaming 'woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh' like, out of our lung. Seriously. Mcm budak2 ok. If only I have underwater camera, I definitely will capture it. We tried to find the disposable one in Cherating, but susah nak cari since only small shops exist there. We have to go to bandar Kemaman but I'm too lazy to go out. Main air lagi best :P

The landai beach

We were in the sea for more than 1 hour then kitaorg sambung swimming in the pool! Of coursela I'm excited kan..sbb swimming suit baru (nnt I show u the swimming suit hehe). Oh ya..before I went to Cherating, I just learned how to float myself. Basically, I can't swim yet lah kan. So I just berendam2 in the pool. Hajime can swim well. MrComot can so-so je, but can jugak lah. I just keep practicing the floating thing and Hajime supervised me. After a while when I'm confident enough, he teach me how to swim and then terus I can swimmmmm okkkkk!! Takde la bagus but definitely I can move from point A to B hahaha.

Can you imagine how excited I was?

That was the best moment. Lepas tu terus pagi petang I be in the pool hahaha.

The weather was perfect too! No hot sunny day for the whole 3 days. All we got was breezy air with shady sky. Thank God for that. Mlm tu terus beli kite to fly it on the next day.

Have u ever fly a kite?

Last time I flied one was like..20 yrs ago? Itu pun sebab dulu my house next to a big football field a.k.a the playground. Everything is big when we were small, isn't it? :D

Flying the kite, OMG.. It was so much fun. With the wind and everything.

Assembling the little fella, after the beach volleyball game.

Go go up higher

Yeay it's up!

Among the others

I was resting from the kite flying. MrComot wrote that.

Rolling it back. Can you feel how strong the wind was? Normally a kite will fall down at that height kan, it is still flying tough okk.

After that we joined the sea and pool like usual hehehe. Later that night the muscles already sore like crazy and we missed the sunrise as everybody was so tired and doze off till breakfast time.

In the morning, we just strolled along the beach enjoying the good ventilation. After this balik sedut aircond je lah kan. And the haze :P

Then we off to small village called Kg Pantai Cherating (or something like that) to get some batik, kaftan, or delicacies. But nothing much there.

The pretty morning glory

It was one of the best vacation I ever had. Short but full, that I don't mind the tiredness at all.

Btw, I lost my hp during this trip. So to all my darlings, could you please forward your number to me? I will get my new simcard tomorrow, so you may sms me starting tomorrow. Nak email pun boleh.. the mail add is at the side bar.

I will write about how I lose my hp ;(


  1. wahhh bestnya cuti-cuti malaysia kat Cherating!!
    sis, lost ur hp? uwawawawa!!!

  2. why it has to be doremonnnnnnn?!!!!! why?????? :P

  3. any idea why your mr commot does not want to be in your blog? there r only 2 reasons, 1st he has other gf lest publishing his pics will expose his carefully guarded secret.. 2nd, he intends to dump u soon.. challenge him by posting his close-up ;)

  4. or publishing his real name.. happy discovery ;-)

  5. may god bless u!

  6. may god bless u!

  7. Nur,
    Mmg bestttt! But I think anywhere pun best, as long as u be with ur loves one kan ;)

    Me pun dunno whyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Me gelak okkk baca ur comment. Btw, itu je yg paling cute. Yg lain semua tak best and it's rm10 okkkk. Cekik darah betul.

    Do I know you and do you know who is MrComot? Mcm kes salah orang je ;)

  8. dare to put down his full name? close-up pics? then we will know salah org or not;)

  9. he has one younger bro and cat?

  10. he has one younger bro and cat?

  11. do u need me to tell u specific, private things to see if he has said the same things to u? ur lovey-dovey posts sound so familiar

  12. Haha..anonymous.. I don't know lah, but I hope you tak salah org. Btw, you are his ex-gf ke?

    I'm not being agitated or whatsoever, but I know MrComot well and I think I don't need to justify anything about our relationship. But if there is anything that bothering you so much (related to us), you can drop an email to me and pour it in details.

    As for now, I don't know what is your motive but I'm not bothered.

  13. so u're saying that ur mrcomot has a younger bro and a cat "L"..
    if u really think it's salah org, let's verify..
    one thing i'm not sure is if u and I are the only two..if he really loves u so much, why wouldn't he admit it to the whole world? why wouldn't he put his face/name on ur blog? wake up girl!

  14. so u're saying that ur mrcomot has a younger bro and a cat "L"..
    if u really think it's salah org, let's verify..
    one thing i'm not sure is if u and I are the only two..if he really loves u so much, why wouldn't he admit it to the whole world? why wouldn't he put his face/name on ur blog? wake up girl!

  15. i really hope it's salah org but it doesn't help to live in a state of denial

  16. disclose ur mrcomot's identity and let's finish up this painful chapter. I mean no harm

  17. hahaha...what's ur point? from what I see, YOU want to see how he looks like kan?

    It has nothing to with why he doesnt want to put his name or face in my blog. It is me who don't want to do so, and I have my own reasons.

    Yes, he has a younger brother and cats named Lucky and Leo (I dont know you refer to which one) but now 3 already, Goldie, the newest.

    Guess you were 'in' his life looonnggg time ago. If it even so pun lah.

    Another thing, is it really necessary for him to announce his love to the whole world. Just a piece of advice from nobody-me, if you love somebody so dear, you can know he loves you or not. You can even know if he cheats.

  18. Thanks. if i were in his life long time ago, i wouldn't have written this, right?
    why would it bother me if it's from the past?
    Thanks for the confirmation. Living in a state of denial is the worst thing to oneself, for me and for you

  19. Dear anonymous, I'm sorry is I hurt you. Yes you are right about the denial stuff. But yet, I know what I am into and I know it is right.

  20. i'm sorry too, sorry to drag u into this