Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Being me..

Hye peeps! How was your weekend?

Mine was GRRRREEEEEAAATTTTTT!!! Ahahaha so excited. Went to Cherating last weekend sponsored by the vendor. The beach is okay. Beach is always be beach right? But this is the first time I enjoy it very much.

Btw, to kill the excitement, I'm not gonna blog about it today as it will involve lots of pics and I have no ample time to upload the pics and write long entry. I have dinner date with Bee today woohooo! Lama tak jumpa dia, so kinda excited :P

Oh ya..nak tulis pasal ni..

Back from Cherating yesterday wasn't a pleasant one. We (MrComot, Hajime and me) were like one hour from Temerloh that I screamed:

Me: OMG!! Me terlupa, me have pasar malam today. And me parked my car at the pasar malam.

OK mcm ni. MY house got pasar malam every Monday and we can't park our car at the lot from 5PM to 11PM. They use the space for the gerai. The thing is, I don't care about my car, all I think of is, what will happen to the pakcik whom got my spot? Mcm mana dia nak meniaga kan?

MrComot: Ok..sempat lagi we reached KL ni. Around 530. Is it ok?

Time to dah 3.30PM. So we estimate to reach temerloh in an hour. Then to KL in another hour. We don't even stop for lunch. MrComot just made a quick stop at Shell to refill the fuel and I bought some some instant food to feed the three of us.

We reached KL around 515PM but we sesat pulak lahhh as MrComot missed the simpang to Ampang. Instead we took to pusat bandaraya and when we tried to u-turn salah jugak and lead to Sentul.

We arrived my place around 6PM ;(

The pasar malam already cramped with people and stalls. I went straightway to my parking place and saw only my car was there.. Kiri kanan belakang semua ada stalls. There were 2 uncles tgh susun2 barang side by side.

I was running to my car and mentally prepared for any consequences. I even had my line if the uncle mintak ganti rugi ke apa ke. I know it was my fault, but I won't let him bullying me. If he ever asked for money, I will settle it at police station. See, how prepared I was?

Me: Pakcik...sorry!! Saya lupa alih keter. Siapa punya lot kat sini?
Uncle1: Haaa..sapa suruh tak alih keter. Nasib la. Kalau keter kamu kemik tak tahu la. Orang2 kat sini kasar2.
Me: Ohh..saya tak kisah pasal keter ni. Saya nak cakap ngan pakcik tu je..
Uncle1: Dia dah balik. Kesian kat dia tak dapat meniaga hari ni. Keta kat sini kena alih bla bla bla
Me: .........
Uncle1: Derang ada anak 7. Kesian malam ni tak dpt bagi anak2 makan bla bla bla

Mind you, Uncle1 spoke roughly and with a hint of sarcasm. He didn't even listen to me. All he did was repeating my fault. Yes I know, I know I was wrong. But pointing my fault is not the solution ok? I need to know who is the spot's owner so that I can go and meet him and apologize etc etc. So, I was a bit annoyed with him.

So I asked the other guy who sat there listened quietly to our conversation:

Me: Tempat ni siapa punya? Laki ke pompuan?
Uncle2: Laki bini.
Me: Owh..dia ada sini tak? Dia dah datang?
Uncle2: Dah..dia dah mai sini dah..pastu dia nampak keta parking ni..dia balik lah..
Me: .....


I CRIED OKKKKKKKKK!!! bukan sikit2. Siap kuar air mata laju2 ok.

Then terus I ran away tanak dia tgk I nanges. Haiyohh...thinking back, I really don't know why I cried. All I remembered is, I was soo sad that I couldn't take it.

Imagine, you penat2 datang bring all your stuffs to open you stall, but you have to turn back and go home. Sedih takkk?

MrComot was so surprised to see me crying so he asked:

MrComot: Eh why are u crying? Pakcik tu marah you ke?
Me: No no.. me just sedih. (I quickly response takut dia salah faham with the pakcik).
MrComot: Hey don't worry to tell me. Me won't go marah2 pakcik tu.
Me: *sobbing* No..dia tak marah..
MrComot: Cakaplahh..me bukannnya nak go and cincang2 pakcik tu. We can go and mark muka dia, so kita tahu pakcik ni lah yg buli you and lepas we can think what we want to do with him next.

I was like..what? I know he's being protective but this is the first time he's so stern with something and it scares me ok.

After I told him everything, including how I feel he said,

MrComot: Sayang ni.....sayang tak boleh jadi candidates for nobel peace prize
Me: Eh why?
MrComot: Because to win that you have to be humanitarian and banyak menolong. Nanti you tgk menda2 sedih, tak sempat you nak tolong you yang nanges2 dulu

Hahaha..funny ok.

Btw, to that particular pakcik, sorrrryyyy sesangat. I hope, your day won't be that bad ;(


  1. kelaka la u ni lalink. mental pun ada tau. tape.. next week u pegi jumpa dat pacik and mintak maaf before Mr.Comot cincang2 dia :)

    btw, Mr.Comot is sooo like Mr.Superhero okkkkkk :P

  2. a'ah mental okkkk bee. Actually me going to do so pun, see the pakcik. InsyaAllah..but today mcm malas2 already hehehe.. keji okkk