Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pretty Roselle

This entry is a long overdue one :P

I went to 5th Mihas event on the 1st day they open to public (they have this 3 days for investors/company, 2 days for normal people). The crowd was unbelievable, with the heat and kids, I almost give up. We had to park way up the hill by the roadside and walked like 2km to the place.

Luckily it was well air-conditioned so we successfully tour the whole hall which is I think about 5 halls all together.

Btw, truthfully, I don't know what to write about since citer ni dah lamaaaaaa kan. Just let pics to the talking eh ;)

The registration booth. It's free btw. They just need you to fill up some personal information. maybe for future references.

The sticker we got. One each.

Once we entered the 1st hall, there were like oceans of people (seriously mcm pasar malam) and I was quite reluctant to snap pictures. I mean, it's hard for me to take some when people walking here and there right? I just have few pics on things I never lay my eyes on:

The non-alcoholic beer. Seriously, is it that tasty that up to a point you need them in halal version?

Cute Ice Pack.
They sell thousands flavor of ice blended. Watermelon, Lychee, Milo, Green Tea, Pistachio, etc etc. Ahaha..not up to a thousand but the variety is awesome. Btw, they don't sell real thing that day ;( I just have the pamphlet. From what I see, they need investors to do the marketing or do the franchisee. If I have lots money, I definitely will open one as it is toooo cute to resist!

This one..hmm.. nothing special. It is just MrComot asked me to snap this

MrComot: Eh sayang..amik gambar ni!
Me: Why?
MrComot: Kimah. It's your sister!
Me: .......

(My sis name is hakimah)

Hahaha.. Don't you think he's cute? (perasan sorang2 :P)

Btw, I bought something spectacular (or should I say weird?) that day. It is roselle blooms!!!

Have you ever tried one? As for me, this is my first time seeing it, so I was quite excited at the stall. I've eaten preserved roselle (like the guava slices) and drink the juice. But this one, as the saleslady claimed, is naturally dried without any coloring and preservatives. I kan suka menda2 pelik and pure ni :P. It is 100% local made, farmed in Johor and dried at one of the factory in Ampang.

The packaging. 100 blooms per bottle (RM20).

Take out one bloom and soak it in hot water. Just like how you prepare your tea.

After few minutes. The color is natural.

It tastes like Ribena, minus the sugar. You can sweetened it with sugar or honey. Can be served hot and cold but I prefer hot version. I don't know the real nutrition info, but it is claimed to have lots Vit C.

Interesting isn't it?



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  2. i've tried roselle nih dlm bentuk kordial. sebijik mcm ribena