Monday, June 2, 2008

The schloppyy Om Burger

I stumbled upon this article while browsing last few days and coincidently, we had migration in WangsaMaju, the place is just so near so we decided to check it out.

It is located at Jalan Kerja Air Lama, a turning to 7-11 after ISKL Ampang.

This is the couple who run the stall. There is another burger stall about 5m from them but you can notice them immediately with the ridiculously loud radio.

The stall seems normal kan? Let's zoom how the pakcik cooks it.

He practically DUMP the burger in a pool of margarine okkkkkk! Luckily we were among the first customer, so the pool is new batch.

The generous spread of mayonnaise.

Special with egg and cheese

It's reasonably priced. After the fame and all.

They also featured in magazine. The makcik showed me when she asked why I took lots pics. I told her that I knew the place from internet and if it's okay for her that I write about this too. Then she said 'bolehh...majalahh pun ada'. Giler glamer kedai ni okkk.

The mag.

The outcome. Sloppy burger.


Honestly, I find it ordinary. In fact, I slightly prefer the normal version one where one cooks the meat slowly with small amount of butter and press it with the round 'stomper'.

It's just for the hype. Won't do repeat order ;)

And they use cheap bread too. It is dry and rough.



  1. the femesss burger sepah *that's what we call it* yan, tank & i used to crave that, before all of us became lil bit too conscious on health. pacik tu mmg generous, mayones tu dia letak mcm dia dapat mende tu free kat kedai. lepas makan tu, semua vein pun rasa mcm tersumbat je ok :P

    n'way, dah lama tak makan

  2. A'ah bee, so scary okkkkk nampak the minyak and everything. Boleh terbayang sakit jantung :P Btw u dah teringin balik ke? Me can teman you go buy :P