Monday, June 16, 2008


Ops..2 entries in a day.

I've been meaning to write about this cool movie right after I watched it. But too bad I don't have internet connection at home. I rarely do review on movies, but this one worth the opinion.

I watched this last Friday night and tell you what, for a low cost budget movie, this movie is greatt!

Okay, I'm not giving it credit due to the cost, but it is really a good movie. I was prepared to 'cry' as I read on the net that it's a sad drama movie, but I never expect that I will cry throughout the movie, all the way!

It was simple and genuine and definitely will shed your tears.

Release date:
June 12th, 2008
M Subash
M Subash
M Subash, Maimon Mutalib, Khatijah Tan, Ruminah Sidek, Jalil Hamid
Genius Parade Sdn Bhd
1 Hour 50 Minutes

another reference

I'm not going to spoil you guys with details but they are two things that really impressed me.

First, the editing is superb. Minus the sharp scene changes, everything is cool and perfect. IMHO, I think it is wayyy better than Anak (horror flicks with Erra and Ida) and Waris Jari Hantu. For Editing lah. There is no typical loud dub-in-the-studio. The speech is smooth and relevant with the background. Not too loud, and almost natural. Macam movie Yasmin Ahmad. Not comparing, just to set the standard how good it is. The subtitle is neat and I like it very much.

Second, Ruminah Sidek is rawwkkk okkkk!! I felt her the most.

She's the best.

I cried hard, hard sampai almost teresak2 when she came into the pictures, especially the time when she console Badrul to sabar with all the ujian came from God (when he was accused stealing).

It is heartbreaking, and moving.

9.5 over 10.



  1. owh itu hari mau settle sama ini wayang tapi ntah kenapa, kami tengok cerita *konon2* terkejut2 promnight pulaks.

    harus dijejaki sekali lagi wayang ini..

  2. Gerenti nanges punyaaa.. Esp. kau kan.. ekekeke

  3. yet to see it. YET TO SEE IT!!!! :P

    korang memang.. tgk pape pun nangess :P

  4. excellent performance by m.subash and also the nenek character .. gosh forgot her name ... nearly cried the part when " badrul " makes a stages and drum ..for nenek to perfom .. 9.5/10

  5. Dunno wther I can tahan to watch this muvie atau tak la..

    Semua orang cakap sedih ni...

  6. Bee, me bet u pun nanges okkkk! Kalau u gelak instead mmg u gilaaaa laaa :P

    Anonymous, you can hold that far??! I already cried awal2 lagi :P

    Shani, WAJIB TENGOK!!! Ajak la MrT.. nak tgk siapa nanges dulu :P