Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The kawaii kelisa

These pictures were taken when I was walking out of Matrade Convention Centre (for Mihas). This extra-ordinary baby definitely caught my eyes, and others as well. There were a few strangers standing nearby studying the kelisa when I was busy snapping.

Stranger1: Cantik kan?
Me: Uh-uh..

(blushing okkk sbb I sorg je tergedik2 amik gambar, but or this blog, harusss amikk okkk)

The whole piece

Shiny shiny little tyre

Cute green hibiscus. Semangat Malaysia sgt okkk!

Diced door lock. Cute!

3D hibiscus at the plate number. Org n9?

The interior. Ala-ala Hawaii.

The car is sooo cute that at one point I am tempted to do the same to my kelisa. But knowing me (uhuk uhuk), my car is only can be very clean in a day, that is right after being washed and vacuumed. After that mcm lori sampah okkkkk *sigh*



  1. i love what the person did to the seats. who would've known, andes punye blog green looks nice as upholstery :P

    the outside looks bit scary tho

  2. Hahaha bee u keji okkk. I failed la but2 mengemas ni. U shud see my workplace okkk