Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just another rant..


Actually I tgh boring ni. Boleh tak? Boleh takkkk I nak cakap keja I mcm takde keja? Ahahaha matila nnt semua org cakap I makan gaji buta. Ahh btw..that's not my point.

I planned to update few entries with pictures but the blogspot macam lancauu so I tergerak nak apdet pasal menda2 tak penting.

Btw, last week I went to KLCC to hunt the wedding ring. Oppss..beholddddd all of youuu. There is no date yet. I repeat, no date yet. It's simply a hunting ;)

Since both of us totally NO IDEA what we should look for a ring, we just gamble masuk any jewelery shop and ask. And then the interesting part came. We went to Tiffany&Co and korang tau tak, derang tak layannnnn okkkkkk! And they didn't even greet us. Derang layan mat salleh je at that time. Mcm lancauuu okkk!

Ok lahh..let me put this. Mmg la kitaorg tak confirm nak beli kan. But do you know about it? Mana tahu kitaorg nak beli 10k punya ring ke time tu? At least, just greet la kan, 'morning can i help you' ke or 'welcome' ke. Whatever la. But we were touring like a pair of shabby stones where no one bother to look or check it out. Kejiiii kannn??

I know people normally judged by the way they dressed etc etc. At that time both of us wore FREE Cisco tshirt and MrComot pakai slipper ASADI je (do we care?). But I expect for a so-called high-class jeweller, they should have high-class attitude too! You can't judge or pilih2 customer mcm tu. All customer is important.

Lepas tu terus kitaorg kuar and swore will never go back to that shop ok. Giler sombong. Then we went to check out Selberan..turned out that lady sooooooooo nice!!!! We were there for almost one hour okkk. The ring is sooo me and the price is within his budget PLUS the saleslady is super nice that tempt me to buy at a go. See..good salesperson is important ok. Nama dia Kak Nizah. Kalau uols pegi sana, carilah dia eh.

From Selberan la baru I tahu u have to go for clarity and cut (yeah you can google it out but seeing it in front of eyes way different..hehe of course la kan). Then they got grades as well. The perfect one is D.

They got this D, E, F (colorless), G, H, I (almost colorless) J, K, L (a bit yellowish) and so on. Then got clarity, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, S1, S2, S3, I1 - I3. So the one that I eyed that day is G, VS1, ideal cut, 0.28 carat.

Then we went to Habib where they got this 50% off. But the 50% only applied to the commercial diamond, not with the certificate and serial number. The ideal cut diamond harga dia lebih kurang je ngan Selberan even after 8% off. So we get it that diamond u pegi mana2 pun shud be around the same price. Kalau over cheap is the commercial one.

And the commercial one is like half of the price of our budget. And with lotss or bigger stone okk. The other thing, you can't even tell pun whether it is commercial or not (at least to my eyes!). Semua nampak shiny2 sama je :P

Since it is soo cheap and the design pun more fancy than the high-end one, I hadthis discussion with MrComot:

Me: Why don't we buy the commercial one. Bukannya org tahu. And some more cantikkk okk
MrComot: Don't la..Me want the right one for my sayang.
Me: Are you sure? Me don't mind tau. And it way cheaper.
MrComot: Betul..lagipun it's for one time only. If you really want the commercial one, we get it after this wedding ring.

Terus aku tersengih2 okkkkkk. Hmphhhhh.. Now baru I understand that it's hard for a woman to resist diamonds :P



  1. perlu laaaa sangat kaaaaaannnn buat entry2 yg menjeleskan mcm ni kaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

    anyway, the wedding bell is ringing! the wedding bell is riiinggggginnnnnngggg!!!!! :P im so happy for both of u lalinks. well who wud've thot, ur boss is the love of ur life.

    hrmmm.. ni buat me nk cari boss jugak ni :P

  2. elloo..me dah bau bunga rampai..beshh..beshh..

    wah..baiknye ati mr.comot..hmm, nak ajak mr.lampard i gi hunting cincin gak laa..(ahahaha,serious jeles tahap tak heengaat)

  3. hahhaa..this time sgt byk mencarut okkk..tapi takpe. dimaafkan special for that salesperson who deserves it...hehehe

    kawen jgn lupa jemput okkk!!

  4. Bee, perlu ke bosss? perlu ke?? Hahaha.. jgn nak ngade. btw, tarikh belum ada la yang..ada nnt me bitau u dulu okkkk

    Khairiah, jgn buli mrlampard lebih2.. kesian dia :P ntah2 bunga rampai kita sama tak? hehehe

    Nur, actually tatau pun apa maksud lancau. Dengar mcm sedap and sesuai je utk digunakan ekeke