Monday, June 30, 2008

Do you Kik Kok ?

We were walking in Ikano when I saw one booth next to the escalator is swarmed with people that I asked MrComot to check it out.

And look what we found - Kik Kok.

Kik kok? The weird name definitely did the trick, I quickly said, 'Jom try!' do I define this snack? It is a very thin and crisp crepe-like with lots filling to choose from.

The booth.

The queue ;)

See the unique handle they use to do the thin layer of crepes.

I bought banana with chocolate filling and it's yummylicious!

The banana is not too ripe. A bit sourish to sweet. So nice.

I think it is a new booth opened (or maybe the first ever) because they do the sales record manually!! One girl (maybe the tokey) will key in everything we order in a book, handwritten!!

If you happen to walk by, give it a try and have it while it's hot ;)

1 comment:

  1. yeah..Aan the good promoter!!
    me kalau ada kedai makan..opening ceremony me nak panggil u datang makan puas2..then appoint u as my restaurant's ambassador..mwahahaa..

    sure laku!!