Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fwoggie's schloppy kiss

I was lying doing basically nothing, last night. Around 10PM I was already restless as I don't want to sleep yet, but I don't know what should I do. My laptop is too slow for any games now T_T

While stretching my legs, my thought was wandering about MrComot (yeahhh cheesy :P) then I remembered it was such a long time I don't make any hand-made cards for him. Hmmm..latest one is about 2 months ago *I think*. I have all the colorful papers but the idea is not there.

Suddenly I felt like drawing, but I don't know what to draw. I see frogs and then what's next? So I just pulled out a sketch book and draw random objects.

It started with a frog, then things started to pour in. The polka-dot, the flowers, the smooches ;)



I only have 12-colors so it quite difficult for me to blend colors (alasan for org yg tak pandai lukis kan :P). I wish I can have the 36 LUNA. Hmmm.. I think mcm pernah mintak frm him, but dia lupa lah ni. Have to remind him! Nevermind... btw, here is the outcome!


Amacam? Tantekkkk takk? Mestilah tantekk kan. Habisla puji diri sendiri :P

Honestly, I know it is not that great, but it is nice enough for me. Provided my limited skills and my own idea. Eh is it? I tak pernah tgk lagi somewhere something like this.

And it came with a story!!!

Hahaha.. so gedik kan?

And of course it ends like this :- They lived happily ever after

:P I'm glad he likes it.

MrComot: sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
MrComot: me smilling2 ok, tapi me not surpised (boleh?)
MrComot: sbb me dah saikik and me somehow dah expect ada something today
MrComot: lalalalalalala :-"
andes: benci okkkk
andes: sbb me tanya polka dot tu kannnnn
MrComot: a'ah :P

Recap: He called me last night while I doing the coloring, so I asked him kalau katak hijau sesuai polka-dot kaler apa. He said yellow (giler tak menarik okkk).

Hmmppphhhh!!! I'm bad with surprise.



  1. serious chaanteek
    me pun suke..suke polka dot pink tu..geeehh!!

    leh wat koleksi tunjuk kat anak cucu kan :)

  2. Nerd alert! Nerd alert!

    2-2 nerds heh heh

  3. well u surprised me instead!!
    i know u're a gedikk fart but this is soooooooooo beyoondddd my expectation laaaaa ok..hahahahahahha *mental*

    adoiii.. i so knew it i have mental frens. anyway, the effort is uber cute :P

  4. Hehehe..thanks Khairiah..wish can duplicate one for you. Photostat nak? :P

    Asroll, jeles ke? :P Btw, we are PROUD of it ngeh ngeh ngeh

    Bee, sooner or later you going to be mental too mwahahaha