Monday, June 16, 2008

The rockers

Hi all!!

Sorry for the long hiatus. Ecehhh..mcm lama sgt kan? It is just, soooo many things I wanna write about, yet so little comfort time to write, sbb tu rasa mcm lama tak apdet.

Btw, we had this 9-courses Chinese meal last Sat at TimeSquare Hotel. Thanks muchoooo to my dear Shani for inviting us. Lain kali jemput lagi okkkkk =D

The theme was Rock, and of course la akku tak ikut tema kannn. Hahaha sorry la lalink. I thot everybody won't be bothered with the theme as well but how wrong I was! We even got 'Bob Marley' there okkk!

Decorated Hall

The backdrop

The table setting. Nice candle.

Rock seater. Black and white. Cool!

The feast started with seafood appetizer, followed by shark's fin soup, etc etc. Can enlarge the menu to salivate yourself :P


The appetizer consist of abalone (remember this entry where I said I will never eat this yucky creature?) Well, after dah potong2 tak nampak yucky okk. So makan je la :P. Also in that appetizer was baby squid with jellyfish strips, shelled prawns and I'm not sure lagi satu tu apa, but I think fish paste in crunchy coat.

Some of the food pictures:-

Deep Fried Garoupa with Mango Thai Sauce. Perghh nama tanak kalah okk, even it tastes like ikan goreng je. Not that fresh.

Buttered Prawn. Quite a disappointment. I expect the classic type with eggs. This one is the creamy version, but not creamy enough. And the prawns wasn't as big as in the food tasting session (as claimed by Shani). Rasa tertipu tak Shani? Hehehe.

Saute Scallop with Hawaii Nuts & Brocolli. First time I had scallop, kinda afraid to eat it before. Turn out ok, taste like crabmeat, only sweeter and stronger.

One thing that was very funny, we noticed that at other tables, the waiter will serve the dish into each plate but in our table, once the waiter put down the dish, semua org terus serbu pakai chopstick okkk. Gila melantak. funny ok, and fun! Kitaorg gelak tak ingat.

And guess who was the guest artist?

Ellaaaaaa okkkkk!!

She sang like 3 or 4 songs. Standing in the eyes of the world, Rama-rama and alamak lupa la..was it Permata Biru or something else.

And all the guys gone maaaaadddddddd. It was like semua pergi serbu ke stage and they stood there until she finished the songs okkk.

The crazy crowd

I was smiling while thinking, nerd is equal to pervert. Hahaha..sorry no offense. Just triggered :P

The rockers. can you spot the Bob Marley? :P

Overall, it was an enjoyable dinner. With the right company, nothing can go wrong right?



  1. U' Rock bebeh!

    Thank you for coming la..serious that night wasnt as good as the last few events, but nonetheless, sangat bersyukur it was a success...

    Nothing can beat (yet) our Cowboy luncheon la..on that day, everyone was on their wild wild west side ;)

  2. Yup. Lepas ni buat theme fairy pulak okkkk. Nak pakai sayap and wand :P

  3. Cuba imagine all the macho contractors wearing pink skirts and carries a wand each?

    I don't think so, dear :)

    But we can always make your bachalorette party as a theme party ^_^