Friday, June 20, 2008

Banana Leaf Sri Devi

Finally! I decide to post about this even the pics ada yg vertical ada yg horizontal :P

I had work at SgWay last two weeks and MrComot had one in TTDI. Since it is nearby, we stole the afternoon to have lunch together. This is one of our favourite spot - Sri Devi nasi daun pisang, in Kelana Jaya, SS5, next to FAM football field. What I like about this place is, the food served quite satisfying and tasty. What I don't like, dekat counter tu ada bau2 sket..bau2 bunga mcm Indian prayer. But, the hall is quite big, so you can choose to sit jauh from that counter, time bayar je kena pegi :P

It is divided into two halls, one hall is smoking area (using fan) and another one is non-smoking with air-conditioned.

The servant putting the rice on the banana leaf

Choices of vegetables. It changes time to time depends on what they have in their kitchen.

Four type of gravy. Fish curry, chicken curry, dhal, another one tak ingat. I will always love to have the combination of fish and dhal.

Additional of deep fried tenggiri (this is a must!) and a piece of chicken. They fry it once we order. Not the mass frying one.

With pappadom.

The 'adab' after finished it. Fold the banana leaf outwards (this one not very sure, shud be outwards or towards you, anyone can confirm it?)

The normal set will come with rice, vege, gravy, pappadom and rassam (a kind of sour soup to accompany your meal) but I omitted it. Tak suka.

Total bill is RM18, including the additional tenggiri and chicken.


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  1. _Folding the banana leaf towards yourself (towards your heart) signifies that you've enjoyed the meal.` Folding AWAY from you, means that you didn't enjoy the meal._