Thursday, July 10, 2008

The weird thing in my eyes

Hye guyssss!!!!

Sorry for the loooonnnggg hiatus. Ahhh mcm la tak biasa kan :P One of the friends sooo worried where I have been, siap sms lagi tanya I am ok ke tak. Thanks darl! I am okkk. Just being me, tiba2 MIA ahaha. Well, this entry for u since I promised about it already.

Btw, I was back in hometown for the last few days and I have lotttttss stories to share, but since my blogging mood is no there yet, maybe I should whip it up with something simple. Sorry yer Khairiah, nnt kita tulis makan2 :P

Below is pisang tanduk. I snapped it back then when I was in Rena's house. The size surprised me. Have you ever seen this enormous bulk? It is so big that the skin cracking. Hmm.. I wonder what we can do with this kind of banana. Do we eat it fried? Or sweetened it for dessert?

Rena, your mom buat apa with pisang ni?

The gigantic ba-na-na

Kenari taxi

And this is my 1st time ever to see a 'Kenari' taxi. Normal will be proton saga, wira, waja, perdana, etc. But Kenari? Practical if you have big luggages.

Have you ever been in one?


  1. aan comot..
    pisang tu my mum potong kecik2 and goreng. n masa my mum potong2 tu, me curik seketul dua makan mentah. hehehe..

  2. alaa..cik aan yg chantek ni, me cuma missed ur stori je (cover laa kununnye). rasa mcm tak complete my schedule kalau tak bc ur blog..wahahaa

    btw,me dah xcited nk dgr stori yg satu ittew..ngee~

  3. Rena, rugi me tak sempat rasa!!

    Khairiah, shhhhhh :P