Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gone mental for a while

I went to MidV just now (during lunch) with Cool to buy her new swimsuit.

And I was very sexcited to see all the cute swimwear hanging around. And already imagining wearing few of them during our honeymoon, boleh?

From schwarzenbach. 2 pieces with flowing short skirt.

From Triumph. This one got bright red inline okkk!! And the dots a bit glowing actually. Tantekkk sangat.

From Ogival. I like the hot pant in hot pink. Ahahaha.

(all the pics not properly taken as I curik2 snapping it - put camera close to me, not looking at the viewer, stand back few steps, and gotcha! But remember to off the flash. Since there were lots salesgirl, I didn't have the gut to snap repeats)

But thinking back, I got bulky stomach, and uneven skin tone.


Since there will be no swimming today (I forgot to bring the swimsuit, uwaaa Cool, kecewanyaaaa =,( ) gotta do yoga tonight!.

Must do! Must do! Must do!

And apply lotion before go to bed.

Must do!

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