Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The fatty, fatty crabs

This actually going to be a mix entry. The tasty crab and the price that I'm going to complaint :P

I was craving for crabs (Fatty Crab to be exact) since last 3 weeks and finally get to hold my hands on those sea creature last weekend. The crabs was scrumptious as usual.

One of the must-order-dish is the chicken wings! It is well marinated with special spices and deep fried till golden.

Here come the chilli crabs! I had them with 2 slices of toasted bread, wiping out the gravy. Nyum nyum!!

Fat, fat, fat crabs. The flesh is so juicy and sweet!

The 'hammer'. You have to eat them messily, then it is a real way to enjoy the crabs :D

Final product :P

While eating, I saw their pricelist at the whiteboard, and went white. It is freaking RM56 per kilo okkkkkkkkkk!!

OMG. That is a huge rise!

Last time I ate, it was only RM40 (or RM44) per kilo okkk.

I know our situation right now, with the petrol issue, recession, etc etc, but the price is just beyond ridiculous okk!!

Our normal bil is around RM50, but that night, it went up to RM80++.

While walking back to the car, I said to MrComot

"Dah tak mengidam fatty crab pas ni. I will cook my own crabs"

Hahaha..like, yeah right. But well, I'll take it as a challenge ;)

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