Friday, October 29, 2010

BR Rum Raisins Halal or not?

I was going through the comments and there is this comment asking me about Cafe Barbera halal or not, and that question remind me of my promise to get back to you guys about Baskin&Robin's Rum & Raisins status.

I already emailed the correct person on this matter but I also plan to go to their branch and just casually ask for a cert or explanation to see the staff reaction and feedback. Truth is, I don't have the time and don't even more stock up my icecream anymore because my fridge is full with my EBM! (and this remind me that I need to buy new fridge). Not only icecream, my fridge also don't have the usual house food - chicken, beef, fish, whatever..gahhh! Ok back to the topic.

So since I don't think I'll do the asking investigation anytime soon, I'll just share with you guys the feedback that I got from BR team ok? In any case it helps ;)

Below is the screenshot of my email

If you still unsure with the credibility of the answer, you can go search further - mencari yang halal adalah kewajipan (I keep on reminding myself because so many food nowadays and so tempted to eat them without any conscience).

Till then, have a nice Friday everyone!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pizzalicious in Cafe Barbera

Had wanted to try this cafe for so long but we just couldn't find the perfect time for it. I mean it's located in Jalan Maarof, near to my office so lunch is fine but I want it to be dinner for the first time. And dinner is impossible as Bangsar is far from our house with little one.

And finally! I managed to try it out, but not for dinner and not with MrComot! Haha. It was an impromptu lunch with my office girlfriends. We wanted to eat somewhere different than usual as one of girls is getting married and it's some kind of bachelorette lunch for her. We were in the car driving on jalan Bangsar, can't decide where to eat, so we said, Chilis lah tapi bosannn and then I on my GPS and just search nearby eating place and saw Cafe Barbera in the list! And that's how I remembered that I wanted to try that cafe and the rest is history.

It was the first time for the girls as well, so we tried as much as we can from the menu hehe.

The menu

Appetizer - Toast with cheesy prawn dip. This is yummilicious and addictive! I wish we didn't share this so that I can wallop all! Haha

Another appetizer - Italian meatbal ooh oohh so succulent! Seriously sedap! The meatball is soo soft and well infused with the tomato and herbs. Nyum!

We tried 2 pizzas and 1 spaghetti for the main.

Spaghetti Vongole (clams with Pesto sauce). I don't quite like this because it is too thick to me.

Spicy Tuna Pizza

Smoked Salmon with Arugula Pizza

And tell you what, it is the best pizza I ever had!!! Both of them! I can't really describe the taste but I love love love the pizzas so much! I'm not a pizza person and I don't really know how to appreciate pizza, but this one is real good that make me feels like I can gobble all of them on alone. Seriously!

We also tried their coffee, affogatos, and dessert. Pretty normal stuff to me.

The place quite small but cozy and I can see most of the patrons are quite 'high-standard', looking at their office attire and cars in the parking lots (Camry, BMW, etc). Price wise is not that expensive (but I will say a bit on expensive side with that kind of portion - yes, the portion is relatively small) but I don't mind paying it for that pizza!

I'm so going to bring MrComot there, and will only order their pizza! NYUM!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

We just finished watching True Blood Season 2 last night (despite of it is working Monday on the next day) and it's awesome!

I not only fall in love with the story but also mad love with the opening song! It's "Bad Things" by Jace Everett.

I normally will skip the opening song straight to the story so that I can save time but not with TB! It has its own charm, the lyrics, the voice - so so sexaaay! And I also love the opening credit, it's a random images that all add up make me think of craziness, weirdos, hippies, and a little bit of 70s! It is indeed a perfect match for the show. I find myself enjoying the song to every bits of it together with the opening credit. Everytime after watching the opening song, I will say to MrComot, "sedap kan lagu ni? Suara dia so cool and sexy!"

"I wanna do real bad things with you"

When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.

I'm the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.
I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.

I'm not a fan of vampire stories but this story is awesome in its class - it's wild and fresh, not the disgusting wild, and full of craziness and weird stuff that I find appealing and a turn on! Haha like seriously. It does make me wanna do bad things hehehe

We have another 1 season for TB, few eps on Chuck, V and Big Bang Theory..then we might need to scout for new series to fill the gap. Hmm thinking of watching Eureka, but see la how. I tried to watch Dollhouse but it bore me to death haha.

So this is my current series that we are having

Last but not least, Bad Things is addictive! :D

Friday, October 22, 2010

My 9-months Chewer

All of us were under the weather, pretty bad that I had to take emergency leave again 2 days ago. It started with MrComot, then crawl to me and totti! Poor my little baby. But luckily it's only mild fever for her last night, and totally gone this morning, so I decided to go to work today as there are so many thing to do *sigh*.

Things also has been pretty hectic that I forgot to update about Zahra! Sorry sayang, you already 9 month plus now.

She started to crawl steadily 1 week before she reached 8 months but can't sit yet which totally the opposite. The crawl abilities is for 9-mo and sit is for 8-mo. Just for my note here so I'll remember this event in the future.

She can climb quite steadily that I don't have to really monitor her like before. Previously, she will climb anything she sees, the door, the fridge, the table, the chair - but doesn't know how to steady herself and how to sit back, which causing her to fall on the head but now, she knows how to stabilize her body and release the climb slowly.

Her favourite thing to do now is chewing on strings. She chews on my handbag's handle, the moomoo's tail, my pant's string, my camera strap..anything stringy she will go for it.

Giler candu makan tali seluar mummy

Her favourite toy for this month will be cloth pegs! And hanger! Hahaha. It's that easy to please her. Just let her play with the pegs and I get to do house chores in peace.

Hmm what else? She still has only 2 teeth, can climb steadily, can crawl very fast and can sit properly on her own about 2 weeks ago. She also knows how to wave her hand when we say bye-bye and clap both of her hand when we say tepuk-tepuk. But I don't think she understands what is tepuk, only that she finds it exciting to clap I guess, because I catch her clapping her hand sometimes while playing. She even claps my breast while BF! Oh ya, as for BF, no severe biting happen. She bites when she feels uncomfortable or not really hungry, so whenever she bites, I will say NO and pull my boob.

She also become extra clingy these few days where I can't leave her down at all. All she wants me to do is either sit with her..or lie with her..or carry her, which is impossible because I need to be up to finish my thing. So sometimes I just let her cry :(

This lady also learned how to improvise her tantrum. Previously she will cry and crawl to me in the kitchen if I leave her at the hall. But now...she will cry and crawl..half way! And cry cry cry expecting me to walk to her and pick her up! And won't stop crying until I pick her up tau. Haiyohh budak kecik! So witty lah you. Sometimes I give in, sometimes I let her cry until MrComot pick her up hehehe.

And this is her current fav sleeping position

She also loves to sleep on my chest but it wear me off because I have to force myself not to fall asleep so that I can remove her from me. Not that I don't want her to sleep like that, but nanti dia sakit2 badan..kesian pulak. I still practice co-sleeping because I'm a bit lazy to pick her up from the baby cot whenever she awakes for milk hehehe. I tried to separate her and it works, she will sleep in the baby cot, but it will be a bit tiring for me as I need to carry her onto our bed for milk and send her back to her cot after that.

Her hair still at the same speed and still look much like a boy ha ha ha. Never mind, take your time ok sayang.

I still didn't do any flash card or whatever-genius-baby-method because...I am lazy, can? Ntahla..I think not necessary yet kut. I know they are absorbing like sponge now but I don't really have the time for such commitment. So far I just point her to some things and let her touch it like flower, cat, etc. And also let her explore anywhere she wants to go. How about you mommies? Do you start teaching you babies at this age? And how?

Other than that, she pretty much an easy baby. Thank you sayang and mommy loves you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Pain is coming back :(

I was about to update on happy things today but something unexpected happens.

I got my menses back! What the ...

I've been menses free for 18 months and now is the time to say Hello best friend! I don't mind if it's normal one, but mine pretty hurtful for the first 2 days. It feels like the womb is scrunching and tell you what, sometimes I coudn't take it that I have to pop panadol menstrual. There was one time I had an outing with my friends, and I have to excuse myself to the ladies because I feel so nauseating and about to faint and guess what, I blackout in the toilet ok! For about an hour I guess. When I was back to the world, the cleaner lady already knocking the toilet door asking who's inside. And people said the pain will go away once you gave birth, how wrong are they! Now I'm starting to feel the tightening and mild pain already :(

I know there are some mommies who don't have their menses until they have 3 kids! How I wish I am like that.

Oklah..gotta calm myself first. Still can't accept this :(

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whatsapp dude!


Cepat install this thing in your smart phone (iphone, nokia, samsung, semua boleh..depends on the version, can check at the site)

It's like instant messaging + SMS but use data! I'm totally hooked and won't pay 8cent for my SMS anymore! I'm using it via my office WIFI and streamyx when at home. Lagipun siapa je I sms, my hubby je..we totally SMS addict, averagely we SMS each other about 30 sms per day! If he has meeting lah. Kalau kat office, YM saja :D

And my current bill is shooting the roof because I sometimes accidentally using the 3g data, and since I considered myself as heavy user of the internet, I am thinking to convert my call plan to data plan. And when I have the data plan, mesti la guna phone canggih baru la seronok browsing kan? kan? kan? Maybe when I give this idea to hubster he will get me the iPhone or the new nokie E something. Hahaha.. just a maybe. My phone is fine, good enough for me, only that the specs is not so powerful, if I open too many tabs in the browser, sometimes it will close the app automatically, can't take the load. But I'm totally okay with it ;)

Happy 3g-ing everybody!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our 101010 ;)

Facts of the day, do you know that 10 Oct is our anniversary? is our second being married and oh fast time flies, don't you think so?

Since this year the number come out pretty 101010 I was excited to write about our anniversary. In fact, I was dreaming since last year to have something nice and extravagant for this anniversary but oh turned out to be just like ordinary days, just like last year! And that explains why I didn't update on the day itself - takde mood and nothing exciting! Gahhhhhh

Not that we don't want to have something special, we don't even have the time to plan about it, bummer! I still remember, last year we plan to go vacation la party la apa la..ughhhhhhhh! Enough the whining, I still want to update about it!

We had 2 open houses on the day before (saturday) so we were pretty tired to go out on the Sunday but macam tak best la pulak tak keluar mana2 on your special day kan? So we dragged our tired ass to Ikea, with a cranky toddler, really not helping! All Zahra wants to do is crawl and climb, crawl and climb! She's been protesting with the stroller and baby chair all day that we have to carry her most of the time.

Our lunch - steamboat pulau ketam located at underpass Ikano. One thing I love about this steamboat is the sambal and deep fried garlic in oil. Seriously addictive.

Zahra during lunch. I brought her lunch as well but she refused to eat, want to play instead. I was hoping that we can have lunch in peace but towards the end, we have to take turn to finish our food. Welcome to parenthood haha.

And this is what we had for dinner at Nandos. Peri Hot for me and Herbs and Lemon for him. Seriously I don't get it why he doesn't like spicy food. I mean, macam u makan bihun goreng, takde cili potong, tak kick ok. And herbs and lemon? Who eat this at Nandos. The reason why we eat Nandos because of the spicy peri right? Haha no offense to anybody out there, saja gelak2 kan my hubby

Anyway, same thing goes to our dinner. I'm feeling a bit romantic so ordered the dessert, konon-kononnya nak makan berdua lah (I rarely eat dessert after meal because I find it a bit unhealthy hehe) but in the end, we have to take turn eating it because Zahra already throwing tantrums and wants to be carried. But it's not her fault though, it's quite late already around 9pm and she must be very tired and bored in her stroller.

My both babies *heart*

And Zahra at Nandos, eating the straw.

By the way, 101010 is not only our anniversary, it's also the date Zahra turned 9 months! Which reminds me I planned to write about her when she was 8 months and see....dah 9 bulan pun haha.

Basically that's how we spent our anniversary and no gifts! I really want to get him something but I don't have the time to do so *sigh*. I know I can buy anything like wallet or whatever, but he's not material guy so it's hard to buy things for him. And gadget is a no-no..because mahal haha. So another resort is something handmade (which is impossible!) but I have something in mind and already executed it by..hmm...20%? Haha.. I'll review whenever I manage to pull it. One thing for sure, it's full of lurveessss and a surprise. So none of you don't dare to spill it to MrComot ok. Shani, get it? Hahaha.

Anyway, I wish we will do something more meaningful on our 3rd anniversary and dear hubby, I love you more and more each day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love in the box

Just a random post.

I was borak-borak kosong with my officemate yesterday where we talk about marriage and stuff and she said (she just came back from kursus kahwin)

"walaupun both husband and wife kerja, lelaki still kena bertanggungjawab, sedia pakai, makan..macam andes (while overlooking my table and gelak2 at me)..."

I was like, makan? And then I remembered, MrComot still prepares me breakfast everyday! Not that the ustaz meant it literally but you get it? hehehe

And I was blush to the max! Not that I'm ashamed of it, it's just I feel shy about it. How to describe? It's in a good way by the way.

And her statement snapped me, that I shouldn't take things for granted. Just for a record, this morning he packed me this:

Grapes, banana, golden kiwi and a bowl of home-made fishball soup with foochok and suhun (tapau-ed from my MIL last night)

Not that he cook it of course! But at least he takes the effort to make sure I bring breakfast to office everyday *loves*. And he also prepared me the Enfamama milk every morning after I finished my shower *super loves*

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blueghh Peas

I know I've been writing about Zahra a lot lately. But there's so many things to write about her, or things that resolves around her.

She's 8 months plus now which means she already tried a lot of food! The only thing is I didn't manage to snap the menu all the time because we are running against the time now. Most of the time we prepare the food after office hour, have to rush peeling, steaming, blending, cooling and taking care of her at the same time. This lady likes to climb a lot - a lot that she bumped her head few times already :(. So sometimes tak sempat nak amik gambar.

Anyway this menu is when she was 6 months old. It's the first time I introduce her to sweet peas.

Sweet peas is full of protein and the goodness for 6-months old baby, and not 'gassy' after being cooked.

You have to peel the skin, use the beans only. Only thing is, the sweet peas that I bought is quite small hence it's too little comparing to the porridge. So I add a handful of frozen peas.

From what I read, frozen vegetables is the second best after fresh one. I boiled it separately before dump everything into the porridge.

And the result? Zahra hates it!!

Hahaha...I tried the peas again when she was 7-months old, and she still hates it! I wonder why, I mean, I tried it and it's nice, it tastes like beans la..creamy with a hint of sweetness. Maybe I can try to give it to her again, much later.

By the way, as for now, I already introduced her to chicken and beef! And she loves beef the most! And she's getting pickier where she doesn't like her food to be the same for 3 days in a row. So the trick is, I made few different types in a batch and alternate it.

This is her current staple
Lunch #1: porridge + chicken + carrots + a bulb of garlic + few slices of ginger
Lunch #2: porridge + beef + potato + onion + few slices of ginger
Tea + Dinner: apples + avocado

She likes the combination of apples and avocado very much so am thinking of giving her another fruit with avocado, like papaya or raisins (I'm a big fan of avocado, so don't want to remove it from her daily diet). So far she is free from sugar and salt! Not even a pinch in her porridge. It's not a big deal actually, but I just love the natural food she's having ;)

And the new list at the fridge.

So far this is what she had tried:

Rice - loves!
Barley - normal
Papaya - loves!
Apples - loves!
Avocado - loves!
Banana - normal
Raisins - loves!
Pumpkins - hates!
Dates - normal
Pear - normal
Watermelon - normal
Plum - hates!
Carrots - loves!
Potato - loves!
Japanese Sweet Potato - loves the purple one, hates the yellow one
Sweet peas - hates!
Beef - loves!
Chicken - normal

That's all that I can remember for now. Will share more later!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fly Fly High

This going to be a pic heavy entry ;)

We went back to Terengganu last weekend for my side's reception and it is my tottila's first time flying. Alhamdulillah everything went well, after all it's only an hour journey so things won't be that bad. But it's not that easy per se, she got restless after some times that I have to distract her with anything I can think of - the tray, the pamphlet, the window, etc. She didn't afraid of the loud plane sound or the shakes whenever we hit the turbulence. She just can't sit still after so long and want to crawl! And of course the small seat is not helping.

Anyway we strike with bad customer service on the way back (KB airport) where he placed me and my hubby apart! We checked in quite early because we want to sit next to each other and when I asked him to do so, he said, sorry he can't do anything, it's automatic. Like, helooo!! I know how the system works ok! All you just need to do is click here and there, arrange a bit so and so and voila. Lazy ass! If we it's only two of us this won't bug me very much, but we are with an infant ok!! So much of courtesy la. Hmmphhh. But LCCT admin desk is ok, he managed to place both of us together even though we were 15mins late!

Zahra pun satu hal, being hard-headed don't want to be breastfed in the flight because she doesn't feel comfortable to lie horizontally. End up I have to trick her to drink some mineral water via straw.

I think we were the last couple checked in. Sampai the counter closed already ok. Thank God didn't miss the flight. Full house that day.

Zahra busy with the tray.

When we arrived, saw my father and the village folks slicing the sheep for akikah (it's a multiple event, wedding reception for my bro and akikah for Zahra)

Zahra with her new toy, kraft moomoo, given by my youngest sister.

The night before, sibuk nak join orang isi telur. We put her in the box because everybody is busy and she wants to be part of the chaos.

Early morning. Kitchen ladies ;)

Eating place at the porch.

Zahra taking a nap. Weather was very very very humid that she always sticky! During the night is worse, even with the trees around not helping.

Home-made food - 100%

Me feeding Zahra. Tengok tu, susah betul nak bagi dia makan ke apa ke, macam2 gaya dia nak buat. Especially milk time. You'll laugh watching her stunts. Nak bergolek la nak pumping la.

The rombongan ;)

New stuff used to distract her - tudung saji!

And gave mummy this nyam nyam pose ;)

Another current fav toy, given by Azleena. It's a 3 pairs of key in a big keychain, but dah berterabur hehe

On the way back at KB airport. Can't help to post this pic. Mommy tersengih riang tapi Zahra punya la nangis haha. She was upset because I pulled her from the chair (she wanted to climb over the chair).

My first official coffee after giving birth! A cup of coffee in the hotel doesn't count. It's my all time fav - coffee bean's ultimate mocha.
Actually, I plan not to drink coffee after a year but the moment we touched down, were greeted by this shop (pandai pilih lokasi yer!), tak tahan so why not? hehehe

The most expensive parking ever!

But still cheaper than you take a cab there! Current cab's rate is about Rm90-100 from Kota Damansara to LCCT. Another option is you can take the LCCT bus from KL Sentral (RM10) or One Utama (RM15) but I was thinking kesian kat budak kecik tu, so we decided to park there. It's a gated area only that sky-roofed. Details of parking rate is here.

Since we managed to fly with infant, are thinking of going somewhere further hehe. We'll see how..naik sejam tu pun macam dah pening actually. Partly of it because I'm nervous what will people say when your baby cries or making sound. But what to do right? They will cry when they want to cry, not that we want them to cry :(

Oh ya, another funny thing happen when we depart from KB, the moment we entered the flight, punya la bising si Zahra ni. Suddenly she talks to everybody in her language even when the stewardess is giving safety instructions. I don't know what to do, just let her lah..hehehe. And thank God she didn't cry when my neighbor passenger boo-boo-chak with her, instead she's all happy and giggles.

That will sum up our first time flying together. Hope she will gets better and better next time ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bite Me Not!

Zahra's first tooth came out yesterday!!! I'm not really waiting for it as it's not a big deal to me. And she didn't do the biting more than usual. But I noticed this change because she likes to sengih most of the time lately.

First slit on 30th Sept 2010. Can see already the tooth going to come out, but the gum still soft.

And finally the tooth came out yesterday, 5th October 2010! And I can feel the sharp enamel already!

Zahra is still her usual self but a little bit restless last night where she keep on tossing herself here and there even in her sleep! I tried to offer the boob but she can't sleep still! I guess she feel a bit uneasy with the tooth coming out. And she had a slight fever this morning (37.7 degrees), I didn't give her any medication yet as it's nothing serious. Anyway, do you know that fever associated with tooth coming out is a total myth?

Teething causes...

"Viral and bacterial infections cause fever, not teething." However, a temperature might be due to broken gums that are exposed to bacteria or from the eruption of cysts on the gums, which can occur from teething. Dr. Hanna says to keep in mind that your infant is also putting a lot more things in his mouth right around this time and has probably (or will soon) begin crawling. Both of these things expose him to more fever-causing viruses and bacteria unrelated to teething.


Anyway one thing that I'm waiting for is, for her to bite my boob while breastfeeding! Not that I WANT her to do that, it's just I wonder how I'll react. Should I scold her or just pinch her nose? Haha..hopefully she will be an easy baby and won't bite when I say NO ;)