Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bite Me Not!

Zahra's first tooth came out yesterday!!! I'm not really waiting for it as it's not a big deal to me. And she didn't do the biting more than usual. But I noticed this change because she likes to sengih most of the time lately.

First slit on 30th Sept 2010. Can see already the tooth going to come out, but the gum still soft.

And finally the tooth came out yesterday, 5th October 2010! And I can feel the sharp enamel already!

Zahra is still her usual self but a little bit restless last night where she keep on tossing herself here and there even in her sleep! I tried to offer the boob but she can't sleep still! I guess she feel a bit uneasy with the tooth coming out. And she had a slight fever this morning (37.7 degrees), I didn't give her any medication yet as it's nothing serious. Anyway, do you know that fever associated with tooth coming out is a total myth?

Teething causes...

"Viral and bacterial infections cause fever, not teething." However, a temperature might be due to broken gums that are exposed to bacteria or from the eruption of cysts on the gums, which can occur from teething. Dr. Hanna says to keep in mind that your infant is also putting a lot more things in his mouth right around this time and has probably (or will soon) begin crawling. Both of these things expose him to more fever-causing viruses and bacteria unrelated to teething.


Anyway one thing that I'm waiting for is, for her to bite my boob while breastfeeding! Not that I WANT her to do that, it's just I wonder how I'll react. Should I scold her or just pinch her nose? Haha..hopefully she will be an easy baby and won't bite when I say NO ;)

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  1. babe, Danish dh tumbuh gigi last week..n guess what, he bit me !!!
    arghhh, when i said no biting in a higher tone, n just tap his finger.. he just laughed..
    he tot it was a game..huhu..

    im yet to write an entry for this one .. hihi