Monday, October 18, 2010

Whatsapp dude!


Cepat install this thing in your smart phone (iphone, nokia, samsung, semua boleh..depends on the version, can check at the site)

It's like instant messaging + SMS but use data! I'm totally hooked and won't pay 8cent for my SMS anymore! I'm using it via my office WIFI and streamyx when at home. Lagipun siapa je I sms, my hubby je..we totally SMS addict, averagely we SMS each other about 30 sms per day! If he has meeting lah. Kalau kat office, YM saja :D

And my current bill is shooting the roof because I sometimes accidentally using the 3g data, and since I considered myself as heavy user of the internet, I am thinking to convert my call plan to data plan. And when I have the data plan, mesti la guna phone canggih baru la seronok browsing kan? kan? kan? Maybe when I give this idea to hubster he will get me the iPhone or the new nokie E something. Hahaha.. just a maybe. My phone is fine, good enough for me, only that the specs is not so powerful, if I open too many tabs in the browser, sometimes it will close the app automatically, can't take the load. But I'm totally okay with it ;)

Happy 3g-ing everybody!

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