Friday, October 22, 2010

My 9-months Chewer

All of us were under the weather, pretty bad that I had to take emergency leave again 2 days ago. It started with MrComot, then crawl to me and totti! Poor my little baby. But luckily it's only mild fever for her last night, and totally gone this morning, so I decided to go to work today as there are so many thing to do *sigh*.

Things also has been pretty hectic that I forgot to update about Zahra! Sorry sayang, you already 9 month plus now.

She started to crawl steadily 1 week before she reached 8 months but can't sit yet which totally the opposite. The crawl abilities is for 9-mo and sit is for 8-mo. Just for my note here so I'll remember this event in the future.

She can climb quite steadily that I don't have to really monitor her like before. Previously, she will climb anything she sees, the door, the fridge, the table, the chair - but doesn't know how to steady herself and how to sit back, which causing her to fall on the head but now, she knows how to stabilize her body and release the climb slowly.

Her favourite thing to do now is chewing on strings. She chews on my handbag's handle, the moomoo's tail, my pant's string, my camera strap..anything stringy she will go for it.

Giler candu makan tali seluar mummy

Her favourite toy for this month will be cloth pegs! And hanger! Hahaha. It's that easy to please her. Just let her play with the pegs and I get to do house chores in peace.

Hmm what else? She still has only 2 teeth, can climb steadily, can crawl very fast and can sit properly on her own about 2 weeks ago. She also knows how to wave her hand when we say bye-bye and clap both of her hand when we say tepuk-tepuk. But I don't think she understands what is tepuk, only that she finds it exciting to clap I guess, because I catch her clapping her hand sometimes while playing. She even claps my breast while BF! Oh ya, as for BF, no severe biting happen. She bites when she feels uncomfortable or not really hungry, so whenever she bites, I will say NO and pull my boob.

She also become extra clingy these few days where I can't leave her down at all. All she wants me to do is either sit with her..or lie with her..or carry her, which is impossible because I need to be up to finish my thing. So sometimes I just let her cry :(

This lady also learned how to improvise her tantrum. Previously she will cry and crawl to me in the kitchen if I leave her at the hall. But now...she will cry and crawl..half way! And cry cry cry expecting me to walk to her and pick her up! And won't stop crying until I pick her up tau. Haiyohh budak kecik! So witty lah you. Sometimes I give in, sometimes I let her cry until MrComot pick her up hehehe.

And this is her current fav sleeping position

She also loves to sleep on my chest but it wear me off because I have to force myself not to fall asleep so that I can remove her from me. Not that I don't want her to sleep like that, but nanti dia sakit2 badan..kesian pulak. I still practice co-sleeping because I'm a bit lazy to pick her up from the baby cot whenever she awakes for milk hehehe. I tried to separate her and it works, she will sleep in the baby cot, but it will be a bit tiring for me as I need to carry her onto our bed for milk and send her back to her cot after that.

Her hair still at the same speed and still look much like a boy ha ha ha. Never mind, take your time ok sayang.

I still didn't do any flash card or whatever-genius-baby-method because...I am lazy, can? Ntahla..I think not necessary yet kut. I know they are absorbing like sponge now but I don't really have the time for such commitment. So far I just point her to some things and let her touch it like flower, cat, etc. And also let her explore anywhere she wants to go. How about you mommies? Do you start teaching you babies at this age? And how?

Other than that, she pretty much an easy baby. Thank you sayang and mommy loves you!


  1. mcm aqil..da ada 2 gigi..dah berdiri dgn steady..blh tepuk and babai..merangkak laju n tak blh kena tinggal..nangis kalau tinggal..
    me pn mcm tu..tak ajar pakai flash card ape lg..cuma tunjuk2 brg and ckp dgn die..tu je..(malas kot..huhu)

  2. Salam,

    Ada dapat flash card dari Ammum susu tu... tapi mana letak tau.
    Selalunya me pun suruh dia tengok, point it out, sebut in english 2 kali, in malay 2 kali. masa sebut tu minta dia tengok mulut kita so dia akan cuba ikut. Tapi sometimes Eiman akan rapat dan gigit my bibir... isk isk isk... dia geram bibir me merah dengan lipstick ma... :P

  3. The picture of Zahra sleeping with her hand under her head and head tilting one side, reminds me so much of my daughter when she was at that age. So comel!

  4. weehaaaa!!way to go boy already have eight teeths and not yet know how to crawl or sit or climb.he just begun to explore the ability to sit.but he sure mumble alot.
    auntie which u happy 9 months old zara..muah!!

  5. :) i bawak baby jalan2 luar rumah lepas balik kerja.. tgk flowers, birds, cats, etc.

    tp my girl mmg suka buku, tp sbb suka flip pages.. and pointing at anythg that grab her attention.

  6. m@ri@,
    Hehe sama la kita..tunggu rajin sikit la baru flash card kut :P

    Geram ngan mulut ibu takpe..jgn geram ngan mulut awek..kecik2 lagi ni haha

    Madam Tai Tai,
    Comel kan!!! Rasa geram sgt :D

  7. Linziana,
    Tu la! Cepat betul gigi Azryl hehehe. Kiss kiss him for me.

    Me sampai rumah pun dah kul 7 lebih, so mmg tak bawak keluar :( Kesian Zahra, weekend je la..tu pun kalau me tak mengantuk :P