Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love in the box

Just a random post.

I was borak-borak kosong with my officemate yesterday where we talk about marriage and stuff and she said (she just came back from kursus kahwin)

"walaupun both husband and wife kerja, lelaki still kena bertanggungjawab, sedia pakai, makan..macam andes (while overlooking my table and gelak2 at me)..."

I was like, makan? And then I remembered, MrComot still prepares me breakfast everyday! Not that the ustaz meant it literally but you get it? hehehe

And I was blush to the max! Not that I'm ashamed of it, it's just I feel shy about it. How to describe? It's in a good way by the way.

And her statement snapped me, that I shouldn't take things for granted. Just for a record, this morning he packed me this:

Grapes, banana, golden kiwi and a bowl of home-made fishball soup with foochok and suhun (tapau-ed from my MIL last night)

Not that he cook it of course! But at least he takes the effort to make sure I bring breakfast to office everyday *loves*. And he also prepared me the Enfamama milk every morning after I finished my shower *super loves*


  1. lucky u babe..hehehe as i semuanya kena buat sendiri..long distance marriege surely tough...like ermm hell?adoyai...

  2. Salam,


    still... me patut bersyukur sbb ZwanZwan still buatkan me air melo panas tiap pagi :P

  3. Lin,
    Everything has their own sweetness. Like nectar in flower. Each nectar has different taste. LDR definitely need hard work from both of you but worry not, love is all about, no matter where u are! :D

    Me pun SUPER JELES ngan u ok hehehe