Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fly Fly High

This going to be a pic heavy entry ;)

We went back to Terengganu last weekend for my side's reception and it is my tottila's first time flying. Alhamdulillah everything went well, after all it's only an hour journey so things won't be that bad. But it's not that easy per se, she got restless after some times that I have to distract her with anything I can think of - the tray, the pamphlet, the window, etc. She didn't afraid of the loud plane sound or the shakes whenever we hit the turbulence. She just can't sit still after so long and want to crawl! And of course the small seat is not helping.

Anyway we strike with bad customer service on the way back (KB airport) where he placed me and my hubby apart! We checked in quite early because we want to sit next to each other and when I asked him to do so, he said, sorry he can't do anything, it's automatic. Like, helooo!! I know how the system works ok! All you just need to do is click here and there, arrange a bit so and so and voila. Lazy ass! If we it's only two of us this won't bug me very much, but we are with an infant ok!! So much of courtesy la. Hmmphhh. But LCCT admin desk is ok, he managed to place both of us together even though we were 15mins late!

Zahra pun satu hal, being hard-headed don't want to be breastfed in the flight because she doesn't feel comfortable to lie horizontally. End up I have to trick her to drink some mineral water via straw.

I think we were the last couple checked in. Sampai the counter closed already ok. Thank God didn't miss the flight. Full house that day.

Zahra busy with the tray.

When we arrived, saw my father and the village folks slicing the sheep for akikah (it's a multiple event, wedding reception for my bro and akikah for Zahra)

Zahra with her new toy, kraft moomoo, given by my youngest sister.

The night before, sibuk nak join orang isi telur. We put her in the box because everybody is busy and she wants to be part of the chaos.

Early morning. Kitchen ladies ;)

Eating place at the porch.

Zahra taking a nap. Weather was very very very humid that she always sticky! During the night is worse, even with the trees around not helping.

Home-made food - 100%

Me feeding Zahra. Tengok tu, susah betul nak bagi dia makan ke apa ke, macam2 gaya dia nak buat. Especially milk time. You'll laugh watching her stunts. Nak bergolek la nak pumping la.

The rombongan ;)

New stuff used to distract her - tudung saji!

And gave mummy this nyam nyam pose ;)

Another current fav toy, given by Azleena. It's a 3 pairs of key in a big keychain, but dah berterabur hehe

On the way back at KB airport. Can't help to post this pic. Mommy tersengih riang tapi Zahra punya la nangis haha. She was upset because I pulled her from the chair (she wanted to climb over the chair).

My first official coffee after giving birth! A cup of coffee in the hotel doesn't count. It's my all time fav - coffee bean's ultimate mocha.
Actually, I plan not to drink coffee after a year but the moment we touched down, were greeted by this shop (pandai pilih lokasi yer!), tak tahan so why not? hehehe

The most expensive parking ever!

But still cheaper than you take a cab there! Current cab's rate is about Rm90-100 from Kota Damansara to LCCT. Another option is you can take the LCCT bus from KL Sentral (RM10) or One Utama (RM15) but I was thinking kesian kat budak kecik tu, so we decided to park there. It's a gated area only that sky-roofed. Details of parking rate is here.

Since we managed to fly with infant, are thinking of going somewhere further hehe. We'll see how..naik sejam tu pun macam dah pening actually. Partly of it because I'm nervous what will people say when your baby cries or making sound. But what to do right? They will cry when they want to cry, not that we want them to cry :(

Oh ya, another funny thing happen when we depart from KB, the moment we entered the flight, punya la bising si Zahra ni. Suddenly she talks to everybody in her language even when the stewardess is giving safety instructions. I don't know what to do, just let her lah..hehehe. And thank God she didn't cry when my neighbor passenger boo-boo-chak with her, instead she's all happy and giggles.

That will sum up our first time flying together. Hope she will gets better and better next time ;)


  1. lalink~ untuk Air Asia, you have to purchase the seat in order to be seated next to each other. If not its a gamble. Their system works that way.

    btw, Zahra comel gila. Next week me jumpa dia kan? :)

  2. ohh me know..but if u dont pay, they can select2 sbb ada passenger yg travel alone kan, but still depends on first come first serve. masa kt lcct the abang set mcm tu. that kb boy malas je that time. hehe jumpaaaa kalau jadi mwahmwahmwah

  3. apsal si zahra ni makin comel dan jelita? ahaks...pandai mommy dia jaga dia. sgt gebus dan comel dan jelita. hahaha..suke nak buat menantu. *matilaa meroyan sorang2 mcm mak nenek*

  4. lari lari ada mak nenek meroyan~ ahahaha... :p