Thursday, September 30, 2010

A wedding & Swiss Garden Kuantan

My brother gotten married last weekend in Kuantan, so we stayed in Swiss Garden Kuantan. It is located along Pantai Berserah. This is my second time in Kuantan, the first time I was there was when we visited Cherating (and not married yet! Ohhhh sangat lah lama). Anyway, it's not really a vacation as we had a lot of event packed in such short trip. The akad nikah (vowed event) was on the Saturday night and the reception was on the Sunday noon. We planned to take annual leave on Monday so that we can enjoy extra days in Kuantan, but cuti frozen okkk..we were having audit on last Monday (that's the reason why I was so busy before). All in all, we just spent few hours in Swiss Garden but gotta loving it.

Below couples of pics to summarize the trip ;)

In the hotel elevator. I decided to buy the SSC (soft structured carrier) in just one week! Not that I am into babywearing (ehem, mommies u know lah kan hehehehe). In fact I'm a true believer in stroller ok. I mean, I think baby-wearing is spoiling (the baby) and tiring (the mommy) haha. But when we decided to go back to Terengganu via flight (that will be tomorrow!) I decided to try it out, and alang2 why not buy now so I can wear it in Kuantan. So that's how I bought that carrier. Overall, love love love it so much! It's so easy and convenient and comfortable! Only the fuss is, because I 'order' lambat, I missed the chance to customize it by myself. I just picked the in-stock item and thank God there is print that I like. I bought mine from SNUGGbaby and highly recommended it. But I never try another carrier, so can't really compare. My friend has one frm Jumpsac, nnt I try I compare ok. Since I never try the carrier, gamble je order ok. Nasib baik I suka hahaha. The best thing is, the moment I carry Zahra, she lands her head on my chest! Oh my...such a lovely situation. Rasa best sangat..mcm dia comfort sangat ;)

On the way to the beach that evening. They got this by the beach hawker stalls selling food as cheap as RM10! They also installed a big projected screen for the guest to watch movie. Kalau tak salah that night they played Ironman. Anyway didn't get the chance to try and lepak there as we had akad nikah that night.

The landai beach. Love love love the beach so much. It's soooo landai (what is landai in english?) that I can walk far to the middle.

Zahra kepochi when MrComot is self-snapping us.

I got the chance to play the water a bit while MrComot afraid he will drop Zahra, so he stayed back.

My auntie helps us with this pic :D

Hotel lobby. I love their deco sooo much. So cozy and warm.

Front counter.

Main entrance

Seats on the pond. You can dip the feet in the pond (I saw some people doing that) but MrComot tak bagi, because it has the some lights wire, afraid of the electricity. Ye ke.... *muka slack*

The infinity pond, facing the pool

My sister with her big gadget *ehem* and MrComot clad in pink baju melayu completed with sampin (videotaping the event). Next to my sister is the CUTE PHOTOGRAPHER *drooolsssss* hahaha. Ok, enough the silliness.

Zahra during breakfast. I gave her some plain porridge and mashed papaya. Nyum!

My best breakfast - bed of greens topped with olive, swiss cheese, bit of thousand island, a lot of chopped walnut, slivered almond, and almond nibs = seriously heaven.

Food in Swiss Garden is so-so only. I wanted to try the Chinese Muslim restaurant, The Blossom but they are closed already when we were there (around 2.30pm) so we opted for lunch buffet in the Garden Terrace. Nothing fancy in the buffet, I had Yong Tau Foo and mee goreng mamak. Itu je yg macam best.

The breakfast spread is better and east coast being east coast, they serve NASI MINYAK for breakfast ok!! *PENGSAN*

Their daily activities. If I'm single (or somebody can take care of Zahra like for...a week), I definitely will join every single 'fun in the sun'! I don't even get the chance to try their Samsara SPA :(
So the moral here is, when u r not committed yet, do what you feel like to do (like diving, learn how to swim, climb the mountain, etc etc). Not that I feel like tied up, but that's life you know. Time grows out of you and you'll realize that there is so many thing that you still want to taste ;)

My little brother turned into a grown man! All the best bro! And welcome to the family the-only-menantu-perempuan hihihi. Enjoy all the privileges ok *wink wink*

Zahra can be so boyish sometimes that I have to retake her pictures again and again. Just like this one, she still looks so boy even with the red hibiscus slipped at the ear. Maybe because of her hair.

Oh ya...forgot to take the room picture because the room is...normal. And a bit shabby actually, because it is an old hotel. But as long as it is clean, I'm okay.

Anyway we are going to Besut tomorrow for my side's reception. This going to be our first time traveling with infant via flight and I'm pretty nervous about it. I hope Zahra is ok and won't have fever or just simply throwing tantrums when we are flying. Also we won't check in any luggage, just will be hand carry some clothes. The goodness of breastfeeding (haha promote kejap, so easy no need to bring thermos la, botol la, susu la, apa la) and babywearing! :D

So I'm going to leave this space for a while (until Monday), you guys take good care of yourself and enjoy your weekend.

And I'm gonna leave this little cheeky Zahra Elena to entertain you guys in the time being ;)

Zahra in her jailbird pajama

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


  1. Zahra bukan kepochi la mummy~ itu Zahra tgh bagi ANTM punya pose for mummy and daddy~


  2. Auntie Shani,
    ANTM sangat kan haha

    A'ah BW and BF rawk. Especially BF la. BW ni me malas sikit :P