Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just a filler

Hi guys, I know I owe my blog a lot of stories! Raya, 8-months Zahra, etc etc. But the thing is, I'm really2 busy. I can't even give my mom a call (that she had to asked the family members to sms me). And I think I barely breathe. All is about work, work, work and the little time I have this weekend will be spending for my brother's wedding (and guess what, HANTARAN TAK BUAT LAGI!). Haha not that I am responsibled to do it, but everybody is also busy bee! Everybody agreed to make the hantaran on the Saturday itself (the akad nikah will on Saturday night!). What a chaos.

And plus I don't know where my camera is, to upload raya pictures (hopefully not missing) and the thing is, I don't even have time to FIND THE CAMERA. Sigh.

Anyway just a filler, below is Zahra in baju kurung on her first day of raya, snapped using my mobile. Eating the velvety Auntie Aida's iPhone suede casing haha.

Will try to squeeze some time to find my camera and update this blog. I miss all of you!


  1. owh dia sgtlah ayu memakai bj kurung :)

    muachhs zahra darling!

  2. kiut la dier..
    dgn gelang raya lagi..hihi

    Danish pon fav hisap iphone papa n hp mama...haha

  3. MariaHafiz,
    Frm jellikds! I baca from ur blog lah hehehe

    Tu la..siap gelang..tu pun ada org tanya girl ke boy, adoiii haha