Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nyam Nyam time with Fresh Food Feeder

Just to share with you guys something that I like most! It's Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder!

Since Zahra already starts solid, she always throws tantrum at the dining table because everybody is busy eating and dia nganga saja haha. I already surveyed some finger food for her, and found the rice flour teething biscuits but it contains salt (according to the box, only little salt is added to harden the biscuits) but I don't want any salt or sugar for Zahra yet. So we resorted to this food feeder.

Zahra is not on pacifier so she has no idea how to use this. It was a bit hard for her to hold (she keep on sucking the handle side instead of the net) but the second time was a breeze. It depends on the fruit I put as well. I've tried steamed pear, steamed apple, banana and papaya. So far she likes the papaya the most as it is juicy and tasty! She hates the pear (maybe it's quite tasteless when combined with the net - I've tried hehehe) that she will ketuk-ketuk the munchkin at her tray and throw it out! Eeiii geram ok bila dia buang. She will make poker face while doing it, like nothing happen. Notti girl!

Below is a couple of pics of her 'munchking' the papaya at my PIL while we breaking the fast.

Nyam nyam. She was so busy with her papaya and don't care about the water seeping out.

Just a tip, use a bip! Papaya is really watery and very messy, and it stains if you don't wash it immediately after that. Oh ya, I also don't recommend to put banana inside. It's soooo hard to clean after. The fiber stuck at the mash like nobody business. I have to scrub it longer and harder. Not to mention it stains the shirt real bad too. Have yet to try with melons :D

I really recommend this innovation as it will keep your baby busy with her food and it's fresh and full with nutrients at the same time! Killing two birds with one stone :D


  1. shud i buy? hmm maryam tak suke paci jugak, i ada attempt nak bg paci supaya dia x merengek je, tp tak boleh la, dia tu mcm nwfal, gi buang plak paci tu..tasteless kot..

    kalau benda ni, mgkin dia suka kot kan?

  2. salam,

    jgn mula bagi poteng ni. nanti korang menyesal...

    maria, saya rekomen bendalah ni. keep the child bz sementara kita makan..

  3. i mmg dh jatuh cinta dgn bende ni, tp ms tuh i xtau pon function die nmpk cam best..haha.

    Now its time to buy! hihi

    eh, Zahra kn, dier ader constipation x since mkn solid food?

  4. aper mummy ni letak dua jer gambar Zahra~ I want more! :p

  5. Zahra comey...aydin skg da stat mkn solid food gak even belum smpi 16hb (to 6 mth) - sbb tgk die betul2 da ready dgn solid food. nak tny, what will happen if we give our baby teething biscuit yg contain salt tu?

  6. MariaHafiz,
    Maybe not sure. Kalau bagi yg ni dia mcm leka sikit hehehe. Me pun plan nak beli paci sbb tak tahan kadang2 nak latch je

    Alamak ye ke..menyesal how? Plan to give her waktu malam sebelum tido sbb susah sgt nak tidokan budak tu..dlm sejam jugak nak bergantung.

    Nak cakap constipate, me pun tak sure sembelit ke tak. Tapi me notice the poopoo not as good as during 100% milk. Only weekend dia poopoo ok. Kalau weekdays mmg mcm keras sikit (mcm adult) sbb kurang teka je la. Tapi actually, when baby dah start adult, they have to poopoo everyday. Zahra sometimes tak poopoo. Tapi dia mcm ok tak meragam, so me monitor je la dulu.

  7. Cik Kopi,
    Come visit Zahra la :P

    Mommy Fara,
    Pasal salt tu, it's personal preference. Actually studies recommend to give as natural as we can, and postpone sugar and salt until baby 1 year (ada yg hold sampai 2 years!). Nak cakap what happen tu, I think no immediate risk. Cuma good for long term to strengthen their system. So up to mommies.. ;)