Friday, September 3, 2010

The Second Leg

Finally, we bought a walker for Zahra! I know there is more cons than pros but this is not for us, it's for her babysitter. The babysitter asked for a walker because she already starts to crawl and since she's handling few more kids and need to cook, it's hard for her to monitor Zahra all the time. Also Zahra is having this anxiety separation where we can't leave her alone or she will cry her lung out until we pick her.

I was hesitating to buy the walker because it is said can delay natural walking (your kids is dependent on it and don't have confidence to walk alone) and can develop gait (walk like a horse) but it's not permanent effect, so I give in.

Anyway the most concern about walker is accidents. You'll be surprised that many infants injury and deaths reported is because of walker! Just to share few thing that I read. There are 3 common mishaps that you have to consider when buying a walker:

1) If you are using walker for double storey house/apartment - most accident happen when they fell down from stairs. So make sure you have safety gate/other precautions.

2) The walker will flip and turnover if stumbled on carpets or they walk to fast (most likely run in it). So make sure it is used on flat surface. They also have walker with universal safety measure, this come with code ASTM F-977.

3) Burnt / bumped injuries - because they can walk to the table and reach unnecessary thing like hot kettle, knock over table sides. So have to make sure you house is baby-proofed.

Few tips that I gathered when we are surveying the walker, find a very low based, back to gravity concept, the lower the more stable, so it won't flipped easily when ridden on gaps. Also it is recommended to buy walker with heavy material (the heavier the more expensive hehehe).

So far, Zahra is fine with the walker. The babysitter said she put Zahra at the kitchen with her when she's cooking but lock the wheel, so she won't move anywhere.

First time on the walker. She doesn't really excited with 'walking' but busy checking the accessories instead.

And gives me this face when I keep on calling her to pose for me.

And back playing with the accessories hahaha!

Since I want her to not dependent on the walker, we use it at babysitter's only. But there were one long weekend that I have to bring back the walker and put her inside because I can't do anything with her crying every time I'm out of her sight *sigh*

Anyway, what's your plan for this weekend. We are going to scout for baju raya yeay!! (Should I yeay because it's so last minute?). Baju raya is done for me (bought readymade at Giant! Haha punya la tak sempat) and Zahra's from Jellikids. Itu pun last piece I think, no choice, yg comel2 semua dah digrabbed. So we are searching for MrComot's now. Last year we didn't have any baju raya because I was pregnant and this year agak gedik2 nak matching because of little one. In fact MrComot said he wants to wear a full suit of baju melayu with samping! So not him! Haha. We'll see lah how.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. hi aan, hehehe zara so cute in the walker .babe i am also thinking buying my son a walker too.the thing is he is so lazy to develop his skill.the reason why he knew somebody will grab things for him .Like holding his own bottle.adoyai...Anyway Selamat hari raya to u and your family dear. :).

    P/s: i pun tergedik-gedik beli baju raya sedondon with hubs.hehehe.Tho warna tak berapa nak sama tapi ade color sikit-sikit pun jadikla.

  2. yup..Zahra sgt cute dlm walker tuh..hihi..

    i pon hesitate la nk beli walker ni..coz i pon read article yg kater if using walker, nnti jln lmbt sbb mcm u kater la kn..
    hurm, but again, Danish pon nk i by his side jer..susah kn,
    n pity my mom also, Danish pon jenis taley tinggal sorg2..huhu

  3. Linziana,
    Hehe..all babies mmg spoilt! Takpe, they will catch their pace whenever they want. After all it is not permanent effect hehe. Our baju pun not exactly matching, tapi ada color, jadiiii laa :D

    Tu lah..but I guess anything that can make things easier, I give up hehe