Monday, September 27, 2010

Chirpy bees

Hola everyone!

I'm still very busy, got auditing today and this is my first time involved in it, hopefully everything goes well, ameen.

Anyway I'm super duper happy because I found the camera! Yeayyyyy! And guess what, jumpa dalam laci coffee table je okkk. We found it on Saturday morning just a few moment before we left for Kuantan.

I was very stressed out on the night before, thinking where my camera is, as I have the feeling it is not totally missing or stolen, just missplaced, and I already punggah the whole house looking for it. MrComot siap buat solat hajat that night because he said kesian tgk I stress hahaha.

Since I found the cam, wait for lots of pics entry, but after I'm done with this audit thingy.

Till then, take care everyone! Oh ya, above is Zahra Elena slept on me at the coffee house is Swiss Garden Kuantan. That's her first time sleep like that, she must be very sleepy and tired.

Ok, catch u guys later! Mwah!

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