Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Hard Poo

This is just so funny that I have to blog about it.

Last few days a mommy blogger, Dayah asked me wether Zahra has constipation ever since she started solid and I said macam tak ada. And a few days after that, terus dia constipate ok!! What a coincidence.

Anyway I wasn't very alarmed because she's still on breastmilk, the stomach looks tender and she didn't show any sign of crankiness. All is well so I just counting on the days. I noticed that she keep on grunting and making face like trying to push you-know-what-is-it on the 3rd day so I decided to wait for another day. And on the fourth day (while we were watching TV after breaking the fast at PIL), she made that sounds again and suddenly she cried! Not the loud cry but more like merengek-rengek. Kesian ok. She stop merengek and grunting again, but I guess nothing come out and the butt is already pedih so she back merengek, which is soooo not her. I tried to console her, carry her and pat her back, rub the feet, but she still keep on crying that I decided to bring her to the clinic.

And you know what, goctor to gelak je ok! Hahaha. He said nothing much we can do, except give her a lot of fluid (water, diluted fruit juice) and wait as she can't take the paraffin (to soften and lubricate the poo) yet because the digestion system is still not mature. But he gave me the anal-lubricate (I don't know what is it, but you know bila budak kecik tak boleh poo, squeeze that thing into the bontot) to try at home.

Zahra still crying when we reached home. I pun prepare la all the thing kan, towel, ubat tu and all..and when I opened the diapers, toinggg dia dah poo ok!! Haha..I was like, need to insert anything. But can see that her bontot redden already and I guess she cried because it's hurtful.

After I changed her, she pooped again for second time. I think balas dendam kut..

All happy after first stool came out

And don't be fool by this picture. She's not admiring the light-ball, she is concentrating pushing the second poo. So funny masa ni, tengah main2, tiba2 stop while holding the ball and grunting.

Still concentrating (the lights dah goes off pun haha)

Kesian my baby. The stool quite hard for a baby and today is the second day she pooped twice a day (morning and night) after the incident. It's still hard but look softer than before. I think she need another 2-days before achieving the really healthy poo.

Sorry yer sayang, after this mommy won't wait that long, after 2 days je tak yak-yak, mommy will give you extra fruit juice ok.

On the other note, that's what motherhood did to me - stool checker :D


  1. Salam,

    Ewan dulu kena. Sampai berdarah... tapi tu sebab ditambah toksid hati tu...

    Eiman so far tader lagi... cair adalah... huhuhu

  2. Heheheh....cian Zahra. Aydin if satu hari x yak pun, sy dah cuak...heheheh! X pe, experience tu...=)