Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Potato for my sweet princess

I'm due for few entries on Zahra's solid food. So far she has tried almost ALL the food in her stage yeay! And so far no allergy found double yeay! Only can tell already which she likes most and least. What a picky eater hehehe.

Before I continue my rambling, I just found out about photoscape and it's easier for me to upload my pictures as I can to this combined-pic. I like to take lots of pic and most of the pics went to waste sebab mcm tak best nak upload banyak2 haha. Now senang tiling like this. Anyway I tried to do numbering but can't find the way to duplicate the box so mcm susah..later lah I godek2.

Oh ya..this is what I made Zahra last two-weeks, rice porridge with Japanese Sweet Potato! (the week before I made porridge with sweet peas, that one later lah I post).

Since this is only experimental, I used 2 types of japanese sweet potato, yellow and purple one. Alahhh..nama punya bombastic, it is keledek je in Malay! Haha..

So what you have to do is scrub the skin clean, to remove the dirts and all. You can peel it and boil but I chose to bake it as it is said to bring out the flavor the most. If you want to bake it like what I did, just poke the potatoes with fork and run it under the water (so some water will trapped inside, this will help to cook the potatoes). Wrap with aluminium foil bake it for 45mins at 200-250 celcius. Once you unwrap the foil, oh-my-god..the smell is so heavenly that I wish I bought more the sweet potatoes for me and MrComot (yes, we bought only 2 pieces for Zahra! :P)

I divide the porridge into two portion as I want it to be in different colors. So we got 2 batches of porridge with jap sweet potatoes, one in yellow and one in purple. So far Zahra prefer the purple one. It tastes very much the same but slightly different in the sweetness and creaminess. The purple one less creamy so maybe she tak muak. But the smell sangat sedappp even though dah mix with the rice.

Oh ya, I also introduce Zahra to spices. I add a bulb of garlic in the porridge, sauteed it with half a teaspoon of olive oil.

As I said before, she almost finished the list in her stage (she's trying pumpkin today). And coincidentally, she's turning 8 months in few more days, so more food to come up! Will update more! :D


  1. yummy..sedapnyer...
    pndai mummy Zahra masak :)
    eh, porridge tuh u pki beras biasa ek?
    i bought brown rice tau,organic biler msk bubur, cam lmbt jer nk kembang..
    So, im thinking of nk grind jadi powder dulu..but dunno nk basuh the beras dulu or not :P

    lagi satu, byk x portion u kasi Zahra mkn? danish biler mkn, seem mcm xcukup jer..haha

  2. Dayah, I pakai calrose rise (japanese short grain) sbb tu je ada kat umah hehehe. I nak try brown rice but I heard brown rice ni mmg banyak zat and less carbo but susah sikit untuk diabsorb the nutrient (have yet to confirm, need to read betul2), so I tak try lagi lah.

    Yes you can make it into powder. I ada baca, you basuh dulu..then keringkan (pakai microwave or macam goreng dlm kuali tanpa minyak, just nak make sure betul2 kering), then grind into powder. So everytime nak makan, just masak mcm biasa, the time will be shorter. Haha..mcm forum pulak kat sini.

    Zahra can finish about 45ml..I sukat mcm tu lebih kurang. But depends, sometimes sikit je dia makan. Kalau dia dah start sembur I stop bagi.

  3. Tuh la i pk, cane nk keringkn beras tuh..kalo nk jemur, takut pulak x kering btol2..
    Thanks for the info!
    Naseb ader u..hehe.

    Dis wiken, nk try bagi the rice porridge with sweet potato pulak..

    Owh kalo dh sembur, meaning baby dh tamo ek..
    I tkt la overfed Danish tuh..
    Nnti tambah bam bam lagi
    Tp i tgk my baby kalo mkn, berselera ajer..good sign ke ni ek?

  4. aan, elok ke simpan makanan baby kat dlm freezer mcm tu?

  5. Dayah,
    Err tak jugak, kadang2 dia sembur sebab nak main, tapi tak larat betul nak pujuk dia makan, so I stop la hehehe. Me not sure la overfed or not, but thumbs of rule, follow your motherly instinct! :D

    Mommy Fara,
    Yes we can store dlm freezer mcm tu. Kalau nak lagi elok buat daily lah..fresh hehe. Tapi sbb keja, tak sempat kut (malas) :P. Kalau dlm freezer mcm tu takkan jejaskan nutrient (maybe sikit but not significant) just like our EBM ;) The food can last 3 months! But I store dlm 2 minggu max.

  6. aan, u thaw baby food cmner ye?

  7. Raihan,
    I just rendam dalam warm water, macam EBM jugak. But don't forget to taste first ok..takut terpanas. Kalau weekend, I keluarkan frm fridge to room temperature dlm 1/2 jam, then baru rendam air panas, cepat sikit.