Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/10/09 and choosing the hospitals

Hi all,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been wanting to write but MALAS sangat kuat melanda :(

Anyway remember when I ask you guys what to do on our very first anniversary? Since it falls on weekend, I planned to do some weekend gateway, stay in nearby hotel, go for gold class movie and have a romantic dinner. BUT, I am sooooo tired and don't feel excited about it. Not the anniversary, but the going out thingy! Rasa malas sangat. Haihhhh I don't know when this feeling will subside. Asyik nak duduk rumah saja.

So what we did on the special day was a normal weekend routine - cuddle on the bed, watch TV and have a late lunch.

Btw, I snapped our lunch for the sake of remembering what we had on that day hahaha. We went to PappaRich Sunway Damansara (this is my current fav kopitiam for their varieties and taste, esp their keow teow goreng, you haveee to try it!)

MrComot had mee kari (lalink, sebab me can't get ur mee kari, so kitaorg order ni haha)

I had nasi lemak with kari ayam (nyammmmm!)

I was tempted to go back after lunch and have a lazy afternoon on the bed again but we have important mission that day. We need to survey on the hospitals that I wish to give birth at because my doc need to write the referal letter on the next week. So we went around to see the delivery and maternity wards. There are a few options and I need to consider a lot of thing like doctors, location, rates, etc.

1) Tropicana Medical Centre (next to Segi College)
Location: Very near to our place. Like few minutes away
Rooms and facilites: Very new with latest gadgets. The room is spacious and very cute with animals printing like nursery. Even the four bedded room is equipped with individual flat screen TV. MrComot likes it very much (mcm dia yg nak deliver kann) and I on the other hand tak kisah sangat as long as it is clean and proper.
Rates: 2.5 - 3++ K (normal delivery), 7++ K (c-sect)
O&G: Dr Noor Fidak

2) Damasara Specialist Hospital
Location: Quite far as we need to do a big round to TTDI, but still within the radius
Rooms and facilities: The gadgets is not that new comparing to TMC but very systematic and comfortable. Room also spacious and have a very reputable status in their services.
Rates: 3 - 5K (normal delivery), 8++ (c-sect)
O&G: Dr Maziah

3) Klinik Bersalin Pusrawi
Location: Very near too, few minutes away
Rooms and facilities: It's at shop-lot area. Quite poor. The room is very old and not 'hospital' enough. Only cater for normal delivery. If anything happens during the labour, will refer us to Sg Buloh hospital
Rates: 1.5K (normal delivery), I forgot how much the c-sect
O&G: Dr Zulkhairi

4) Kelana Jaya Medical Centre
Location: Quite far but still accessible
Rooms and facilities: Also a shop-lot area. We didn't get to see as all the rooms are full
Rates: 3++ K (normal delivery), not sure how much on the c-sect
O&G: Dr Fatimah Najla

So far, I like the TMC and DSH rooms the best. But DSH is very expensive even for normal delivery. Dr Maziah is highly recommended compared to Dr Noor Fidak. After some deep thought, we decided to give Dr Noor Fidak a chance. I'll meet her on next Tues and we'll see how. If I don't like her that much, I'll change the hospital.

Ps: There is more O&G but they are the only Muslim O&G available for those hospitals.

We had family open house after maghrib. What a dayyyy...very tiring.

So if people ask me, what did you do on your first anniversary? I'll say "Cari hospital beranak!" Hahahaha


  1. Salam,

    tambah la lagi satu... Damansara Damai Medical Centre. Dekat rumah Neenas dan dia beranak sana. Dr Kamal sgt-sgt-sgt-sgt BEST ok!

    Biras my SIL 2 kali sana.

    Jahitan sgt kemas (penting tu!)

  2. cari hospital beranak!!!

    bunyi mcm dah beranak...hehehe

    kena tambah 'nak' di situ :p

    tm xde panel hospital mcm petronas ka?

  3. wish ada spetal panel mcm P company..
    sgtlah best..
    me kene settle ngan gomen je kot..
    paling best pun kat area kjg ni, annur ngan kpj..
    dr kat annur best.

  4. Tatty,
    Thanks!! Me dah terlupa pasal DDMC. Kalau mcm tu me survey this weekend la..

    Hahaha lupa tambah NAK. Babe, kalau petronas kan, heaven giler ok. TM punya panel is quite 'sad' even for demam biasa :)

    Yeah me too, even other company is better than mine (like Bank Negara). Even though me covered, only partially sebab tu still kena cari. Me heard Annur best. If me stay area sana confirm me pegi Annur.

  5. wlau kt mana u akn beranak nnti.
    I doakan u..semuanya selamat..

    Happy anniversary too...
    Semoga happy sokmo till end.

  6. hie!!

    Dr Fatimah at KJMC is my obstetrician n she's really really nice! She was the one yg helped me when i was bleeding during pregnancy. tapi i tak beranak dgn dia cos i beranak kat wien. buutt...she has delivered 3 of my sister's kids. :)

    anyway...Happy belated anniverssary. I rasa better pilih doctor that u r comfortable with..:)

  7. MrsJaddo,
    Thanks! Same wish goes to you :D

    Miss Interpreted,
    Dr Fatimah has good reputation only that the hospital is at shops area kan. In case anything happen mcm susah la pulak, they will refer to hospital and it's quite far from my house (haha mcm la jauh sgt, but we are spoiled for choices :P)

    And yuppp, I think the best way is to pick doc yg I comfortable with, unfortunately my fav doc lagi laaa jauhhhh (HUKM). So I guess anyone will do la, as long as I'm ok with her/him and it's convenient to me :)