Friday, October 16, 2009

The Mid-Autumn Festival

This is a very old entry, about almost two weeks ago.

As usual, hari-hari we have dinner at my in-laws :P, and that's when I saw a banner saying they neighbourhood is having Lantern Festival on that weekend at the park. Since we don't have anything good to do, we decided to join the event.

They switched-off the lights and the AJK also were there to patron the crowd. Since we are not practically part of the neighbourhood, we know nobody! Hahaha. But a few of them recognize MrComot and ask about my PIL. Oh my PIL didn't join us as they got something else in hand.

Hanging on the tree

At bicycle

Lighting candles on the coconut tusk

Kids having fun

Ultraman lantern

There are so many fancy types of lantern. One of the kids even bring out the battery operated lantern and it flashing out different colors! I remembered those days the most famous lantern will be paper or hamper wrapper with candles. I got one during my primary school, my Chinese teacher gave all of us one each for the festival. Mine is in yellow color with little red flowers. She's very nice but unfortunately I forgot her name. Sorry lau-shee!

Since it was held at the park, we played the see saw. At first just to weight who are heavier and guess what, it stucked at the middle, even height. Haaaa? Takkan la I sama berat ngan my hubby hahaha

After a while, the air is getting hotter as the crowd growing bigger and not really much wind. So we decided to go back and one of the AJK asking me to taste the mooncake.

"Comee comee eat the mooncake, it's halal" while rummaging the plastic bag looking for the logo. Haha so cute la the Indian uncle.

I'm not very much fan of mooncake. I only take the commercial one like cheese, coffee, fruity flavour. But I was feeling a bit adventurous that night and picked the original lotus paste with single egg yolk!

Me with the piece of mooncake, under the light. What a cute lamp post, remind me of Harry Porter.

The overall look

It's a nice event like a small gathering where you get out and meet each other and bring your kids having fun among themselves. My area is quite new so no such event celebrated (even Hari Raya!) but it will mature in few years time and I think they will organize it. By that time my baby will be a toddler and we gonna have so much fun if it happens! InsyaAllah :)


  1. Wah..teringat zaman 80an and early 90's, masa tu saya kanak-kanak yang comel dan mak selalu bawa pegi pesta tanglong tepi pantai.

    Sekarang pesta tu tak ada lagi~ @_@

  2. ur mrcomot kt tmn permainan tu nampak sugguh daddy-to-be...
    btw...sedap plak tgk mooncake tuhhh

  3. Cik Kopi,
    Haha skrg pun comel lagi. Best kan zaman kanak2 dulu :D

    Kannnn..daddy to be sangat hehehe. Mooncake tu ok, I can only take small piece je, byk2 tak lalu :P