Tuesday, October 20, 2009

28 weeks and stronger

OMG, how fast time flies, I am already at 28 weeks and the preparation still zero.

Anyway before I continue rambling about my baby' I want to tell you guys that I had mild food poisoning yesterday!!! Ughhhhhhh!!!! It was a bad bad bad experience as I didn't take any medicine, I vomit and went to the toilets so many time. Yang tu ok lagi, yang tak tahan tu is when the stomach rumbling like hot storm inside and you have a very small space to cater it since the baby already pushing here and there. I want to bergolek2 tekan perut and sapu minyak angin pun tak berani ok. So what did I do is just lie down and whining to MrComot. Later of the night I cried bolehh? Hmm.. I dunno but crying seems to ease the pain.

Anyway I had my first checkup with specialist today at TMC with Dr Noor Fidak. The appointment was at 9AM and we were there 15 mins earlier and only get to see doc at 10AM boleh? Not that I complaining but there is not so many patient and I am the first on the list! Apparently there was a miscommunication between the staff and the doc where Dr Fidak thought she has no patient that morning. Adoii...

Anyhow, Dr Noor Fidak seems ok and normal (haha I'm quite afraid of getting not-so-neat-doctor). She explains all the basic thing we need to know and even though she's not quite chatty like Dr Zana but will response to all our questions. So I guess TMC will be the place for me to deliver then. The consultation fee is quite high and I will list it down (even though we are covered, just as a reference for mommies out there)

First time consultation = RM120
Scan = RM50
Detail Scan = RM120
Total including tax = RM299

It's quite hefty compared to other specialist that I heard my friends going to. If I have to pay, I will stick to normal clinic instead of TMC.

Ok baby talk now.

My baby is at 28 weeks and already positioned itself down there! Thank you darling!!!! You are such an angel! Anyway there is a possibility for the baby back to breech position and I hope you stay there no moving2 terbalik okay?

The detail scan but can't really see the face as baby wasn't in 'profile position' (whatever it means). If you want to do this 3D scan the best time will be 28-32 weeks.

We tried to check on the gender again and most probably will be a girl! Oh myyyy! I dunno I should be excited or not because I'm ok with both only that a lot of people pointing out that my belly shape is like I'm carrying a boy and not only that, banyak lagi petanda it is a boy. And me myself don't even have a hunch it will be a boy or girl. So I can't be that excited. Whatever it is, baby you stay healthy and happy inside ok. Mommy will wait until you come out (but I still will buy some pinky thing hehe)

Other than that, baby seems healthy and maybe a bit too healthy as I am at my 28 weeks but in the scanning, baby already fit the 29 weeks profile. Doc said baby is quite big. She advices me to go slow on the Obimin, so I will take it on alternate days.

On the other note, I should prepare the hospital bag in case the baby pop-out earlier as there is possibility for pre-term baby now (I hope not!). I'll share the list once I'm done :D


  1. perghh...giler comel..
    me dah nampak ala-ala chinese look dah tuu...

  2. Salam,

    tu dia... geng! me pun mlm tadi sampai la ni dok sakit pewot giler-giler! food poisoning jugak!

    tadi muntah lagi. tapi sbb pewot kosong, sakitnya, YA ALLAH!

    comel baby... boy ke girl ye? lupa plak...

  3. BTW, better siapkan beg isi barang kita ngan baby untuk letak dalam keter... just to be save... mine baru 20% siap... hehehehe

  4. samelah kita..maria dah 30w tp preparation apepun tak buat lg..cik suami amat busy..(mengumpul duit utk melayan kerenah wife die yg nak bersalin kat private..huhu..)..dan sy sgt tak larat nk jalan srg2..huhu..so kena tunggu bila both free la,,nthla bila..huhu..maria tak buat pn 3d tu..teringin gk nk buat tp mcm mahal je kt sini..huhu..nnt dah ada list share yek...maria pn nak tau gak nk kena beli ape,,huhu..

  5. Khairiah lalink,
    Ye lahh tu. Menilik sangat kan u ni haha. All babies look the same to me :D

    Tu la..food poisoning sakit sangat time preggy ni kan. Me belum siap baby bag tu lagi. Baru siap buat list tadi, nak kena gi beli barang minggu ni

    Kat sini 3D scan tu ada yg below 100 tau. Cuba u survey2 kat sana how much, tapi tak penting pun scan ni saja suka2 :D. Nnt me share the list, insyAllah...

  6. Me tak sabar, me planning something, tapi takmo bgtau you lagi (tapi tulis kat sini, sah dah histerical nih)


  7. Haha u plan for apa niiii. Cepat tell meeeee!! Baby shower kah :P