Friday, October 9, 2009

Dens Sapientiae

"The English wisdom tooth is derived from Latin dens sapientiae"

I'm not feeling so well these few days. I'm having light flu since Tuesday and macam nak demam tapi tak demam, very bad headache on Wednesday that every little thing made me cry. I didn't take any medicine though because it is not recommended for pregnant ladies to take the normal pills. My gynea told me that Panadol is safest pills to take during prenancy, but since my sickness is not that bad, I'm waiting for them to go away naturally.

However, last night I felt that my upper right-side gum is throbbing that I thought I have a bad teeth

Me: Sayang, my gusi sakit laa
MrComot: Kenapa? You nak tumbuh gigi kut?
Me: Noooooo..dia rasa macam berlubang
MrComot: You ada gigi berlubang?
Me: That's why! Me don't think me ada gigi berlubang there. What a time laa to berlubang
MrComot: We go check dentist ok?
Me: Don't want la..preggy mommy tak elok pun buat any gigi wait until baby come out

But after the conversation, I just casually feel my gum and guess what? Yes!! My wisdom tooth is coming out!!!!

Haiyohh..mati-mati ingat berlubang.

Luckily there is enough space (or I thought so) for the last tooth to come out, so I will be okay I guess.

Anyway, wisdom tooth at 27? I thought all my teeth come out already. And during pregnancy? What a timeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Salam,

    i pulled out mine around a month before conceived this one... sbb dia tumbuh senget...

    never too old to tumbuh gigi graham bungsu :P

    so now, kena extra rajin berkumur, take extra time tu berus, floss... dan jgn lupa SUSU :P

  2. wowowowoo..wisdom tooth baru kuar? at this age? hey..tipu umor ea? no wonder u look younger than ur age..lalalala ( this a compliment or ..... ahaks?)

  3. Alalala~ nak dapat baby dan wisdom, double bonus :)

  4. Hehehe me pun ada gak mcmtu. tak kira umur aite ;)

  5. M@ri@,
    Thanks! You too, take care. Bila nak update pasal ur pregnancy? :D

    Me minum ANMUM, aci kan? Hehehe. Anyway nasib baik urs before conceive! Hopefully mine pun ok la..nak kena cabut ke apa ke..harap2 lepas bersalin

    Me always look young and pretty under the dim light *nanges* hahaha

  6. Shani,
    Baby is, but wisdom tooth NOTTT! Nasib baik tak sakit sangat :D

    Yup I guess tak kira umur. I thot it will never come out already hehe

  7. ouch!!!! baru naik ke? sungguh menjengkelkan sbb dia akan naik slow2 from time to time...

  8. Azleena,
    Exactly! Sebab after a week still rasa sama je the growth. Nasib baik tak saket sgt..kalau tak menanges! haha