Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hospital Checklist

Hi allll!!!! How are youuuuu? I'm fine thank you. Hahaha..teringat dialog zaman sekolah rendah ni.

Anyway I know I still owe you guys Japan stories but since getting baby is around the corner, I have to put on hold on that, there are so many baby stories now!! So bear with me for a while ok :D

I already completed my hospital checklist (complete doing the list only, not buying them! :( ). It is a compilation from internet and friends and that I think need to be in the bag. To me, better more than less right? So in case anything happen, senang la sikit, no need to be back and forth to the hospital.

Basically the checklist is like below. There will be two bags, one for mommy, one for baby

Mommy Bag
1. Handbag (all the stuffs in there - IC, medical card, camera, handphone)
2. Phone Charger
3. Nursing shirts / gowns - 5
4. Nursing bras - 4
5. Breast pad - 4
6. Kain batik - 3
7. Baju utk balik hospital - 1
8. Tudung - 1
9. Socks - 2
10. Slipper - 1
11. Disposable panties - 10
12. Maternity pads - 1 pack
13. Toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, facial wash, comb)
14. Towel - 1
15. Face towel - 1
16. Sweater - 1
17. Plastic bags (to isolate used stuff)
18. Thermos (for hot water)
19. Specs
20. Breast pump set
21. Al-Mathurat / Books / Magazines
22. Buku checkup

Baby Bag
1. Baby shirt / sleepsuits - 4
2. Mittens & Booties - 4
3. Hat - 2
4. Bedung (Receiving blanket / swaddle) - 3
5. Barut (Binder) - 5
6. Baby diapers (mami poko new born small) - 10
7. Baby towel - 2
8. Minyak telon / Minyak yu yee
9. Kurma / Madu / Air Zam Zam
10. Azan & Iqamat sheet (in case daddy forgot)
11. Baby wipes - 1 pack
12. Plastic bags (to isolate used stuff)

We start to shop baby stuff since last weekend and oh myyy..... I never know that baby shopping can be this tiring. There are so many options that you can pick and too many choices will bring headache instead of easiness.

Since this is my first baby, I have ZERO knowledge about baby stuff and thank goodness for mommies' guidance which I collect bits to bits. I also benefited a lot from internet (forums, personal blogs, commercial blogs, comments, etc), tenkiu tenkiu so much strangers! There is so much energy and time we put in doing this, so I'm going to share with you guys what I know/get even it seems simple to some of you. After all, it will be my memory lane of going to another phase in my life :)

All mommies in my office recommend us to buy MamyPoko pampers as this is the only brand who has pocket hole at the centre of the belly so that the pampers wont's touch or press baby's belly cord.

The price is about RM40++ for 52 pieces and the cheapest we can get is RM34.90 from Babyland SS2! We've seen a real dirt cheap at World of Cartoons Ikano (RM29.90) but too bad it's already at their end of sale and all the pampers are sold out. So please tell me if you can find any cheaper than Babyland. Sharing is caring :D

MrComot is reading the instruction and all, with very serious mode haha

Babyland is a very shabby and unattractive shop where we found accidentally, and to my surprise they got so many stuff inside! I'm going to share more stuff I found later, we will go there again this weekend!

And tonite we'll go Jusco. Hope we can finish everything by 8 months. Dah tak larat :P


  1. me nak ikot one day!


  2. slmt..slmt...insyaAllah slmt!!!

  3. jelesnyer..mcm syok je shopping utk baby.
    bila my turn? :(

  4. maria br beli baju 2 pasang, mittens & booties (yg ada i luv mummy daddy mcm gamba aan..heheh)..yg lain akan di terjah di kemudian hari..cik suami masih takdak ms nak teman..n maria tak larat nk jalan srg2..hhuhuh..

  5. Salam,

    byknya baju nak bawa pi sepital. kat sanakan ada baju depa bagi. me bawa 2 baju butang depan, 3 kain batik jer...

    pampers better bawa lebih. me dulu bawa 12 tak cukup sbb Ewan jenis kencing skiiiiit jer dah meraung minta tukar pampers. dah kena buat muka seposen minta kat katil sebelah... :P

  6. Shani,
    Cannnnnnnn. Jom jom!

    Aminnn..insyaAllah semuanya selamat.

    Best sebab baju kecik2 semua nampak mcm comel. InsyaAllah nnt ur turn sampai >:D<

    Tu la..tak larat jalan2 dah skrg ni..padahal baru months kan. And kalau pegi beli 2 org lagi best..sorang2 takde mood sgt hehe

    Ye keeee. Me ingat 15 tu dah cukup byk hehehe. Nnt me bawak extra, tak pun letak je satu paket 52 tu dlm bonet, nak amik je hehe. Baju tu me tak sure la..kut2 ada milk leaking ke, kena salin kan. Haa tgk la mcm mana..nnt me sort balik. Tentiu! :D

  7. wahhh... tak sangka kan, mcm baru je me amek gambar u kawen u dah nak deliver baby!!!! *happy*

    me pray everything will go smoothly :) gambatte lalink!

  8. ann...sarung tangan baby tue sama jer ngan anak buah aku nyer...comei!!!!

    heheh....gud luck!!!hehehe...

  9. Bee,
    Me pun tak sangka ok. Rasa mcm baru je kawen. Nnt ur turn pulak. Now u bz with another checklist :P

    Comel kannn haha. Thanksss. Nanti kita jumpa kat tunang Rena tau.