Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 5-ringgit lavatory

We went to Midvalley few weeks ago to survey on baby stuff and as usual we parked at Garden's basement (it is our secret parking!) Haha secret la sangat but I knowww ramai don't know about this spot and everytime we come we get to park right at the door (or at least near it).

Anyway, on the way back from MV to Gardens, I feel like to pass urine so I remind MrComot, "sayang, kalau nampak any toilet tell me ok"

We walked and walked and tiba-tiba dah sampai end of the hall, almost at the exit of Gardens that I remembered we forgot to stop at the toilet before! However, there is a premier toilet there where you have to pay 5 ringgit for it!

(I forgot what's the shop nearby to locate this toilet as I'm not quite familiar with Gardens, but I think there is only 1 premier toilet there)

We parked somewhere there so if I want free toilet we have to walk back towards MV. I was very hesitated to use the paid toilet but you know lah, tak larat ok that time nak jalan jauh2 and I really need to shee-shee so I said "what the heck, bayar je la"

I expect the toilet to be ooh-la-la! for that amount of money but unfortunately it is very-ordinary-one! I went to premier toilet in KLCC once (it was RM2 that time, now I don't know) and way way nicer ok.

Since I'm already in expensive toilet, I decided to snap some pictures.

The toilet. Very BIASA ok! Only it's clean la. I thought it will be automatic toilet ke, you know, the one with electronic bidet and all.

The design also so-so only

They prepare individual hand towels for you to use instead of normal tissue paper. There is a basket for you to throw the towel after used. Ala-ala hotel sangat but still can't beat KLCC's!

L'occitane's liquid handwash and lotion. KLCC use Body Shop stuff.

Not forget to mention there is a uniformed cleaner standing inside the toilet ready to attend all of your needs. I was quite embarrassed to see her looking at me when I wanted to snap these pictures that I said:

"Dah masuk toilet mahal kenalah amik gambar"

Hahahaha kannnnnn

Anyway you can use this toilet for free if you have Isetan card.

Given choices, I won't use the toilet anymore. It feels like I'm paying RM5 for the hand towel as the normal toilet also clean enough for me to use. Ohh of course I will use it if I have Isetan card. So should I apply one? :D


  1. u shud have asked the cleaner to snap ur pic in that toilet.

    buat pose lady gaga !

  2. wah giler mahal tp toilet biasa ja kan..

  3. Boleh buat cerita..kerana tolilet ku sanggup bayar RM5 @ RM5 Tandas Biasa

  4. Superman,
    Kannn..terberanak nantiiii. Hilang ladygaga

    Tu laa...eiiii next time mmg gigih la jalan jugak cari toilet free.

    Kann..kau mmg penuh controversi haha

  5. interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter.