Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fluttering Baby

I had my latest checkup last week, and about 23 months now. Almost 6 months already, it's just incredible to think how fast time flies, and I barely do anything.

My Ramadhan days went smoothly as I managed to fast almost 30 days! I missed one day because I didn't take the sahur and worried about the baby, then that's it, after that puasa all the way. Rewind back, it was a miracle because I hardly have any heartburn or uneasiness feeling. Alhamdulillah, kuasa and rahmat Allah memudahkan perjalanan puasa. Compared to after fasting, right on the first raya I had heartburn, everyday, up till today! Maybe my stomach still adjusting the food intake.

Ok below is update on the pregnancy.

Baby is growing according to normal growth. By right we can see the gender already but unfortunately that day little one refused to show what he/she's having. Baby keeps on kicking and moving, fighting back the ultrasound movement, so the gender part is shadowed by the leg. We were excited to know but since baby tanak tunjuk, then oklah, we'll try to peep on the next checkup :) Currently baby standing at breech position (head's up, feet down below kicking my bladder! Asyik rasa nak kencing saja), it's still early, hopefully baby will go down when the time is right. Oh ya, I can already feel frequent movement. Sometimes hard kick, but most of the time is a subtle movement, like spinning inside. Whenever baby do that I always say out loud

"Heyyy baby buat apa niii, flutter flutterrr!!"

Not that I scold the baby already, only wondering..apahal la budak kecik ni..mcm ada toys pulak inside :P

Mommy's body

My belly is making drastic stretch where everybody can point out already the obvious bump. Last August, we barely see it there. I can't fit in most blouses already and more comfortable in maxi instead of pant. Even though I tried my best to prevent stretchmarks by pouring lotsa oil, I can see visible lines at the right and left waist :( Hopefully it will go away after sometimes. My skin also at its most sensitive as everytime I scratch it will leaves black mark like, immediately! Have to refrain myself from scratching *sigh*

No more nauseas or headache (yeay!), only heartburn after raya :(

Constipation also quite bad especially during fasting month when I had to go only after 4 days. But now it's slowly catching up when I drink a lot of fruit juice and milk. My stool is very black due to iron in my supplement.

Mommy's emotion
I rarely talk about my emotion as for the past few months nothing really change. I accept this pregnancy with open arms. But somehow this few days, I have this feeling of 'unreadiness'. It's like, can I be a mommy? Can I wake up early and take care of the baby? Do this and that. Hmm not can, but DO I WANT to do this? I mean, it's a big responsibility for me and I am so afraid. I think my selfishness starts to come out already. Sometimes when I see my big belly I feel violated bolehh? Like, heyyyy what happen to me? And then a lot of stuff to think like confinement, nanny, feeding baby, etc etc. I guess the feeling is normal since this is my first baby. But I hate to have such kind of feeling, it makes me feel bad!

Since I don't want to be carried over, I will immediately tell MrComot whenever such silly thought cross my mind. And he will sooth me,

"Don't worry sayang, you'll make a wonderful mommy. You ingat me tak scared? This is my first time too. We'll make it through together"

Not that I suka-suka thinking about it, I can't help it, sometimes terlintas kat hati, simple as that. Maybe it's just the hormone, so I hope it will go away when I reach my 7th months.

Oh ya, I haven't start my pregnancy scrap book yet. Angan-angan mat jenin sangat. But at least I blog about it here, so it's tracked. On a crap note, I enjoy my maternity wear so much bolehhh? Especially the dresses. So far I have 4 long dresses yippie!

Me in cotton floral maxi and white cardigan

MrComot helped me to snap the 'bump' :)

To all mommies, have you done the preparation? I'm still at gear 0 wawawawawawa


  1. Nevermind la...after Rena's engagement we will help you gear up ^_^

    p/s: you're so vain la mommy ;p

  2. along gomok ahhhh.. hahaha..
    sangat besar sekarangg!

  3. bebeh..
    me loves dresses too :)

    i penah rasa apa yg u rasa tau. part yg "unreadiness" to become a mommy..
    rasa mcm, nnt i wont hv time with hubby, myself, takleh nak poya2, tak cukup masa etc.. mcm2 pk. tp nnt u'll be surprise tau. tak mcm yg kita pk bukan2 tu. tak berlaku pun..

    dulu i tot bila kalau ada baby no 2 mesti takde masa nak doa utk me+ bb, bc quran etc. but i leh baca all the surah2 utk pregnancy all over again. lagik byk kali daripada i dpt baca masa ngandung 1st baby. tu yg paling i tak sangka tau.. salah satu example la.. hehe

    alhamdulillah me dpt pose penuh. ms puasa takde masalah cuma angin.. n xtreme tiredness, tak dpt terawih. tak sangka i made whole ramdhan sbb ikutkan i risau sgt worried bout my health, gastric n all..

  4. ohh bump!

    if u've got it, flaunt it :)

  5. Babe,
    me love the dress too..
    memang sekarang dah tak fit all the blouses and pants. senang pakai maxi and skirt saja..
    nway, take care. since due dekat-dekat ni bolehla share info's ttg pregnancy kan?. hehe.

  6. Shani,
    Exactly!! Me pun rasa me so vainnn hahahaha. Ok girlsss help me out ok. But we have to gear up for Rena's engagement first :D

    Perut saja okkk lalalala

    Thanks!! Now I know I'm not alone. Yup, so scary and rasa mcm tak puas hati nanti tak boleh buat macam2 kan.. And me feel bad takut baby ingat kita tanak dia pulak *sob sob*.

    Tu la..dah jadi vain sangat, suka pakai dresses sebab can show the bump :P

    Mommy Wannabe,
    You too take care! Nnt kita tukar2 info. Tapi u dah tau jantina, bestnyaaaaaa. Anyway, our baby will be January babies, such a good start for 2010 :D

  7. aan..
    u tak penah pun worry about how to be a very great fren.. but you did!! (tak caye tanya shani n mielia )

    so, tak payah risau2 ok about being a mommy..

    just take care and eat well

    aan n shani: me takde baju tunang lagi ni wei!!!

  8. aan,

    dh ada cadang2 nama utk baby?
    Hope..u sentiasa sehat.

  9. ohh..u're soo round lalink!! i mean the bumb (the face tu mmg dh lama round kan ;))

    me hope u dont stress urself too much thinking of all the nonsense thoughts. ppl will never be ready for anythg, but when the time comes, amazingly they just know what to do.

    u guys will be wonderful parents punye, tp pls cukup la maknye aje yg vain okehhhh.

    take care!

    ps: me drop by ths weekend tau!:P

  10. Rena,
    Hehehe thanks for the good word. Same goes to you, a very good fren (and lagila..a great daughter). Cepat2 settle ur engagement, me tak sabar nak pegi :D

    So far dah ada..tapi draft2 gitu je. It's a very simple name though :)

    Me knowww..mmg so round!! hahaha. Nak datang call me dulu ok, me have an open house on Sat but not sure to go what time.

  11. setuju dengan apa Rena cakap.... As a fren.. I know how caring and compassionate person u are. I even remember some things u said to me last time masa I was kinda down masa tu... u were soooo... concerned and caring ;-) hehe. I can sooo imagine u as a mommy :* a wonderful mommy.

    dun feel bad about the emotions, blame the hormone :P:P~ eheheh