Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 10-kg cat vs. 6-months preggy mommy

On the 3rd raya we went to visit another MrComot's auntie in Puchong. She has a daughter who loves cat very much. There is a story MrComot told me that she used to call a firefighter to bring down the stucked cat from the roof haha. She has a very BIG and HEAVY cat named Chan-soo (not sure how the spelling is, but it is pronounced as "cen-su") and I get to see the cat that day!

Chan-Soo from behind. Not so big eh? (Now come to think I already forgot it is a she or he)

Look at it compared to me! Already covered my BUMP! I can barely lift it up (it is about 10kgs!)

The belly compared to my hand

The fur is soo fluffy and schooofffftttttt!!! Since Chan-soo is a bit on the heavy side, there is no much movement and it has to do brief stop within the walking. Haha I find it funny and cute at the same time.

So far, all the aunties and uncles have lotsa cats. Seems like MrComot's family is a real cat-lover. Me on the other hand biasa-biasa saja. How about you guys?

PS: Today is 10 Syawal and it marks my 1st wedding anniversary. I was in the kitchen this morning when suddenly MrComot hugs me tightly

MrComot: Happy anniversary sayang!!
Me: Ehhhh? Why today? It is 10/10 right?
MrComot: Today is 10 Syawal
Me: Is itttttttttt? Oh nooo me forgot!! Sorryyyyy

I totally forgot that our wedding last year was on 10 October and also 10 Syawal! (Btw, don't you think it such a nice combo? :D)

Talking about this, now I am having a headache, what to do with 10/10? A special dinner? I don't feel like cooking though. Thinking of buying gifts, but I really dunno what should I buy. I don't think he needs anything new as per now. If you have any idea, please pour it here ok? Thanks darlings!! :-*


  1. aku dah kasi cadangan tadi.. hotel and spa... and tengok wayang gold class...

    pastu makan ice cream sambil pegang pegang tangan tepi swimming pool..

    drama melayu tak?

  2. merinding aku tgk kucing tu..

    mau mau mau. dia makan apa? nasik lemak kah?

  3. Superman,
    Kannnn. Drama sangt. perlukah aku invite kau untuk shooting skali?

    Haahhhh kucing tu makan IAMS sajork. Takde la RC mcm sapa tuuu? Mmg gemok ok. Tapi bulu panjanggg, siap cover the paws..nyammmm!

  4. awat tak ckp. me ada byk gile stock lebih IAMS petfood kat office, baru je dah kasi orang sbb tade space nk store.

    anyway, snuggle in bed together2 the whole day, and order in! ;)

    Happy Anniversary u two :)

  5. Might want to try redribbondays.com.my for ideas. Aku tgk ada yg best gak

  6. salam,

    for my 1st enibeseri... buat makan-makan... tapi since awak pun tgh membuyung... better selebrate ber2...

    gi makan kat luar... jalan-jalan shopping bebarang baby... heheheheh...

  7. Bee,
    Snuggle2 and makan kat bilik mcm buat hari2, so thinking of having something diff. But come to think most prob do that la kut sebab me soo tak larat and malas nak kuar hehe

    Thanks! I knoww kau memang terrer in this thing :D

    Tu la..kononnya me nak masak2 la..tapi me sooo malasssss. Baik me usha2 barang baby kan sebab me tak beli apa2 lagi hehe