Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Iftar @ Sime Darby Convention Centre

If you are my frequent reader, you will notice that my food entries subsided after I'm married. It is because we rarely eat out since then. Not that I cook pun. Normally drive through or tapau, sebab tak sabar nak balik berkepit makan sambil tengok tv :P

Anyway, throughout this Ramadhan, we break the fast at my parents in law. MrComot's mom cooks everyday and I don't have appetite for outside food. The only time we had something not homemade is last weekend where we went to pasar ramadhan, but after two days of having it, my throat already say NO to the food.

The tradition as usual one of those days we will be invited for buffet ramadhan by the vendors. I remember that the first time I got the invitation (about 3 years ago, at Sun&Surf Sunway) I was very excited. Almaklumlah budak-budak and dapat makan free at so-called 'posh' place. After the invitation, I even planned to go at least one buffet every Ramadhan even if I have to pay for it! Kannn jakun sangat.

This year I am not so excited with all the buffet spread, mainly because I can't eat that much. I bloat easily and my digestion is at the slowest rate. I do go to some invitations, depends on the situation and gonna keep track about it.

I had my iftar at Sime's Halia yesterday and it's quite good. This is my first time having Ramadhan buffet this year and the jakun-ness return back :P I piled up everything I feel like having and can't finish the lamb.

My first round of grilled stuff - catfish, terubuk, squid, lamb, beef and chicken.

The scrumptious crab meat with daun ketumbar soup. The crab meat is abundant and very tasty that I finished a whole bowl of this.

The main dish. They got arrays of lauk but I only took ONE udang can? Dunno why so not into prawns now, instead I had a plate of kerabu (got kerabu kerang, kerabu sotong, kerabu mangga) and daun selom (I loveeeeeeee daun selom). In the bowl is fish head curry. Best sebab boleh pilih2 bahagian lemak pipi ikan :P

I had 3 rounds of this!!! The last round agak melampau, I had a lot of choc cake slices (it's flour-less and combined with dark choc, sooooo yummmyyy!) and fruits with choc fondue. I noticed that I'm more into sweet desserts than savoury stuff. So anyone want to guess, it's going to be a boy or girl? :P Because I also can't tell! Have to wait for the scan next week.

Overall I will say this place is decent enough for you to have the buffet spread. But mind you, this is my first time, I have yet to compare with other places.

1. Food is ok. Main dish is Malay type, grilled whole lamb, grilled fish, common food like mee kari, sate, roti canai and lohbak. No oyster, sushi or tempura if you are looking for that kind of food. Dessert is fabulous.
2. Surau is very near and convenient like, few seconds away.
3. They got live music performance (traditional type, using gambus, arcodian etc etc) throughout the iftar and it is very near to your table (in front of ours!). Not too loud though and quite soothing as I like the songs selection. Traditional2 type mcm zapin tu hehehe.
4. The staff is very polite. One of the guy even point out a gap between the steps while I'm walking and said "careful ya.."

Oh ya talking about the performance, I am so into this kind of music that I even planned to get bands like this playing for my wedding, only to know that they are very expensive! That's why we settled down for CD only :P

Me: Eeeii bestnyaaa.. Dulu-dulu me plan nak ada band macam ni la main lagu time wedding kita. Not that me regret with our wedding tau, me know it's so expensive. Our wedding still great without it (haha sempat cover ok takut MrComot kecik hati)
MrComot: It's ok...we'll have it later ok. We can have them on our second wedding
Me: Tanak la second wedding! Anniversary la
MrComot: Ok, nanti our 10 years anniversary ke? You can ask namecard from them now
Me: Helooooooooo..10 years pakcik2 ni ntah ada ntah tidak, band ni pun dah ke mana haha

Motipp 10 tahun lagi okkk!!! Anyway aminnn..if ada rezeki and panjang umur, apa salahnya kan? Having a grand 10 years anniversary :D

Anyway due to the carca-marba food, I had a bad heart burn at 337 AM. Sangat pedih! This is my first time having heart burn in Ramadhan so can you imagine how 'not healthy' the food was? It's soo pedih that I cried while having my sahur and patting the belly:

"Baby...sorry mommy eat macam-macam. Mesti baby tak suka"

And then air mata laju je..dunno why so sensitive that time. Will try to be more careful for the next buffet spread.


  1. bebeh, u mkn macam2.. kalau i, sure perut sakit for few days.. i brani makan gegiler time tak pose je.. hehe..

  2. Saya dpt keracunan makanan smlm... arini dah ponteng posa... sedihnya...

    BTW, saya pun plan nak buat kenduri kawin lagi sekali bila dah 10 tahun kawin... 5 tahun lagi... kui kui kui...

  3. me dapat heartburn dgn melihat the pics saja huu~

  4. Maria,
    To la..lesson learnt :)

    U makan apaaa laaa ni :P Mesti best 2nd time kenduri kawen kan..anak jadi flower girl/boy hehe

    Me toooo! Hey selamat hari raya lalinkkkk

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