Monday, September 28, 2009

The Silverish Raya

I had my second raya at one of MrComot's aunties place in Damansara Utama.

I've been there few times on luncheon invitations and stuff and always amazed with the way the decorate the house. It's a simple house with extended details and old-fashioned decorations especially the silverware. This raya, thing has been spectacular as the silverware is polished and arranged to perfection. First thing that caught my eyes when I arrived there was the table setting. Even though they only invite family members, they took the hassle to prepare the presentation.

#1st table setting. The place-mat is made from mother of pearl okkk

Butterfly napkin holder

#2nd table setting

Love love love the porcelain plate

Silver napkin holder

Since we arrived quite early (the aunties haven't finish cooking), we wandered around snapping pictures :D

The rare china

Reban kucing!

One of the cats

Part of the silverware

I only snapped a few because my camera went flat and we are using handphone's cam after that. The picture quality is quite dark :(. So please charge your camera before going out :(.

Last pic I managed to snap using the cam

Anyway the meal was very satisfying because after so much of lemang and rendang, we got plain nasik with normal lauk pauk, yeay!

All is home-made including the fish ball!


  1. dap nyer..nyum nyum

    dan lawa nyaa..nyum nyum

  2. Silverware tu mengingatkan aku pada nenek aku...ngeri ok, dah lah ada sorang makcik Mr. Comot tu muka mcm nenek aku...ngeri!

  3. Cool,
    Hehehe lawa kannn. Tapi koserrrr laa, kalau rumah Aan mmg tak susun menda2 mcm tu :P

    Which nenek beb? And which auntie? Not Mami kan? Scarryyyy

  4. My mom's mom.

    Mr. Comot's aunty yg pinjamkan that 100 year old cushion for akad tu yang looks a bit like my grandma.

  5. humang aihhhh..ini acara sambut menantu ke apa? ;P

    anyway, i always like to see ppl's house yg ada banyak fancy2 stuffs like this. rasa mcm masuk museum free kan :)