Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First raya as Selangorian's wifey

Hi babesss!!! How's your raya??? I knowww mesti ramai yang cuti lagi. So am I!! Actually I am on leave until end of this week yippie!!!

This year is my first raya as a wifey. And my first raya in KL!!!! Every year without fail I'll go back to Terengganu with my family, and normally first raya after married will be on girl's side as well right? (ahem!) Unfortunately, I'm not fit enough to be in long journey. So I decided to spend my raya with hubby's side.

Since I'm not really in a good shape, I don't really care about raya. No baju raya for me and MrComot. No special plan or whatever, just visiting the new relatives and surprisingly, no adegan air mata with my family hahaha. Maybe I'm so used to be away from them, so not spending raya together for the first time ain't a big deal.

Talking about baju raya, I remember that when we were at Jalan TAR for wedding shopping, we saw a lot of nice baju melayu at Omar Ali and said that we will make sedondon outfit for the next raya (which is this raya!) and we even have theme color! It was something green like turqoise. But since the bump is already there, I don't have the mood for all this! Luckily I have few maxis, and it matches MrComot's old baju melayu. So jadi laaaaaaa. I'll make it up with the little one next year, insyaAllah :)

As for kuih raya, we make none! Oh ya, we made the cornflakes something, but it was burnt! Cehhh. I only made some puding lychee in case people drop by and there is few types of ready-made cookies like pineapple tarts, almond london and whatnots. After all I know this raya is going to be very busy for both of us, visiting the aunts and uncles (all his family is here). So I said, make sure we eat for lunches and dinners as well as there is no food at home :P

Our neighbourhood also a bit silence as most of the neighbour went back to their kampung. This made me thinking how lucky am I to have kampung as well, so that my kids will feel excited everytime going back there for raya, just the way I am. InsyaAllah next year's raya will be in Terengganu yippie!!!

Self-timer pic for 1st day of raya, in our home.
See the so-called matching outfit (jeans theme la konon hehe) :P

Ok darlings, have a great raya and enjoy yourselves to the max ok. Last but not least, Salam Eidulfitri, maaf zahir batin from MrComot and me :)


  1. Aha...and that's the new sofa eh?

  2. Hey mommy, I'm back in KL ^_^

    jom buat makan-makan~

    p/s: Sedondon sangat la biru tu :)

  3. Salam aidilfitri and take care!!

  4. Shaniiiii...hmmhmmmmm nak buat bila ni? Order in Dominos can? :D

    Salam Aidilfitri and u too take care!
    Ps: Thanks for dropping by :D

  5. Dominos?

    Hg boleh makan lemang ngan rendang kan?

    Aku masakkan spagethi dgn potato salad kat dapor hg yg cantek tu boleh tak?

  6. Hahaha Shani, boleh boleh come masak. Rendang I can eat but anything pulut not kut..sebab nnt sakit urat *sob sob*. Bila nak datang niiii