Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Makeover

Our house is empty (except kitchen and master bedroom) since 11 months ago. Empty as in ZERO ok. We only have a pair of rattan chair given by MrComot's parent. Hehe we couldn't care less by the way. Because we rarely (almost none) been downstairs and if somebody comes, we just open the tikar plastik (so classic ok) for them to sit.

After so long, finally we bought the sofa and dining set for the house. First because it's raya of course, kalau tak, tak beli lagi la. I mean, sampai bila nak suruh orang duduk kat lantai kan? Second, I think it's about time pun. After the baby pop-out, we won't have time to think about furniture anymore. So many things to buy and settle for the little one. So better buy now.

See how kosong our house is:

Half of the hall

Another half.

Oh ya, both of us so fussy when it comes to buy things (I find it's charming though, at least we are sharing the same thinking) Even the curtain pun we were hesitated to buy it. Luckily the akad nikah was done in this house, so by hook or crook we have to settle for the curtain. MrComot picked the colour and material all by himself as I wasn't in town that time. If there is no akad nikah in here, we planned to stick the windows with kertas kajang okkk! Until we found curtain we wanted. Ish ish ish...

Anyway now it fills with sofa, dining set, sideboard table, coffee table and even carpet! Hahaha our house looks totally different. Like a proper family house.

And MrComot is over okkk. Everytime he goes downstairs, he will scream calling me

MrComot: Sayangggggg!!!! *gasping tone*
Me: What is it??
MrComot: Rumah sapa ni??? Me ingat kita salah rumah!!

Kannnnnnnnnnnnn. Boleh tak?

Anyway there is no accessory yet. I plan to do my own painting (yakin boleh sangat). Will use water color and acrylic. Will see how my rustic form 3 skill will be :P Hopefully won't be another angan-angan mat jenin hehehe.


  1. wah..tak sabarnya nak raya umah ni..ihiks...

    p/s: teringat semua org layan komik kat hall umah sis aan ni sebab takde tv. *lariiik*

  2. hahaha...teringat jugak masa tu Khairiah~

    Tak sabar nak duit raya, eh salah nak beraya di rumah Aan yang berhall baru itu~

  3. hehe... teruja nih nak tgk hasilnya...

  4. boleh la kita p rumah awk raya nnti.syoknyer....!

  5. boleh la kita p rumah awk raya nnti.syoknyer....!

  6. lerrr mana nye gambor sofa..hiks

  7. harus..haruss..harusss tahun ni u buat openhouse okkk!!!
    me nak duduk on sofa & dining table baru..hehehehe!

    after photo mana lalink?

  8. Umyra,
    Kannnn perlu kah me letak komik jugak after dah ada sofa? Sebab still tak letak TV! Haha

    U kena datang CNY baru dpt angpau lalala.

    Come come for raya :P

  9. MrsJaddo,
    Come come come! Me mmg raya kat KL je tahun ni :D

    Korang datang la sini, boleh duduk terus :P

    Rumah me sentiasa open okkkk. Tapi sah-sah me bagi u guys cookies saja hahaha. No after photo. U drop by la :P