Thursday, October 29, 2009

Confinement and all

I have to start thinking about confinement, baby sitter, etc etc already. How I wish I am a SAHM now so I don't have to send my baby to orang lain *sob sob*.

Anyway talking about confinement, it's already decided I'll have mine in KL, in our own house! I knowww normally girls will confine at their mom's house, but after thoughtful discussion, it's better for us to be in KL. My PIL stay nearby so in any case I need help (to go to hospital, buy things, etc) they can help. It will be much easier too if my baby need any treatment as all the kemudahan is here. If I confine in Manjung, the only nearest hospital is Manjung hospital and leave us not much option. However, my mom will come down to our house and take care of me yippie!!!! Still tak sama ok kalau MIL jaga. I mean, I still want my mom, don't you? hehehehe

Since my mom is involved, the confinement thing has to go HER way haha. So we have to use the downstairs room because according to her I can't climb stairs for 100 days! And also the bed going to be smelly with all the herbs, so not advisable to use the master bedroom. The room also attached with a bathroom and next to the kitchen, so it will be easier for me to get things done. Hahhh..talking about being strict and all. But I loveeee it, all these pantang larang :P

Anyway, the room is very messy and we need to buy quite some thing to furnish the room for baby and me. MrComot also want to sleep downstairs (ya lahh tu, we'll see howwww haha)

The current condition of the room

So what major thing we need to prepare is:
1. Super single bed and mattress
2. Another small cupboard baby/mommy stuff
3. Fix an aircond or get a portable aircond (because mommy will be very sensitive to the wind at that time)

I also already booked confinement lady (CL) from Shadira to help me out during the confinement. Anyway I only take 3 days package and it will include urut, tungku, mandi herba, infrared therapy, binding, helping the baby, and cook herbal food for me. Even though my mom will be here and help but the last time she gave birth to us was like 20 years ago? So mesti dah lupa banyak especially on baby thing. We'll learn how to manage the baby with the CL.

Actually I planned to get normal midwife to help me urut and all but the one that was recommended is fully booked until April! So I was thinking, for the first baby I want to try the proper package so that I can learn. Next next baby tak perlu lah kut hehe.. I will share my experience with Shadira later, insyaAllah.

Other than that, I also bought post-natal herbal set from Nona Roguy since it is highly recommended from all the mommies. If you've done your survey, I know that you can get RM300 per set from most of the online store (it's member price btw, normal price will be RM365) and believe me or not, Nona Roguy itself is doing their crazy promotion which I get the whole set for freaking RM250! Hahhh tell me if you can beat that! (and I'll cry sebab dah order haha)

They are having 20% online discount and you can get it by being online member (registering fee is only RM1), after discount is RM240, add RM10 for postage. The promotion will end this 31 Oct so mommies who want to take NR, cepat go buyyyy from their official website -->

Hmm that will summarize my overall confinement thingy I think. I'll share more when everything is completed :)


  1. maria kena balik pantang kat kg..walaupn mak sakit..terpaksa balik gk sbb kalau dok kt penang ni alamatnya sorang2..husband kije..huhu..skrg dok pening nk cr pengasuh n mak bidan tukang urut..huhu..pening2..

  2. good that u dah book for CL. sebab it will help u lots. lagipun kesian kalau mak nak manage sume kan. leh la dia tlg2 je.. lagi2 ni 1st baby. :)

  3. m@ri@,
    Kalau duk sorang2 mmg susah, nnt boleh meroyan hehe. Balik la..and mungkin boleh cari pembantu utk tolong u and mak ;)

    Yup, kesian kat mak nak manage semua. Tapi amik 3 hari je dulu tgk macam mana. Kalau teruk continue lagi cari normal CL yg tak urut punya. Kalau mcm takde keja sangat, confine sendiri2 la lepas tu hehe

  4. aan..thanks..maria dah purchase dah..NR..murah2..suka2..hehe..thanks tau..

  5. m@ri@,
    Yeayyy. Bestkannn..sebab mmg murah hehe

  6. seronoknyer..kalau mak dtg dok ngan kita kan?
    harap2 time i pun mak i dtg dok same :p (tp bila tu???)

    kakak ipar i ckp,product NR ni mmg bagus pun drpd yg lain.Dia dh gune since ank 1st dh 4 anak..

  7. alamak..too late for a comment but..nak tau how's the shadira service?sbb nak amek diorang n nk tau ok ke tak..huhu tq!n congrats on the newborn(if xlmbt nk wish la ;)