Friday, July 11, 2008

The Femes Andes =D

I am no a great cook, in fact I can't really cook. But I can make scrumptious-to-die-for cookies!!! Ahahaha.. ada unsur2 PERASAN di situ. But it is true! My colleague, friends of a friend, strangers said I bought the cookies from Famous Amos!

And MrComot called it Femes Andes =D

Since it is so easy to make and I am so excited with it, I loveeeeee to share with you guys the recipe!

Original recipe taken from here. Thanks Kak Rossya!!

I changed bit here and there, so this is my altered version.

Femes Andes =P

8ozs butter
5ozs gula halus ---> I kurangkan jadi 100g only
1/2 sudu teh bicarbonate of soda
1 sudu teh cream of tartar
sedikit garam --> I omitted this as I use salted butter
1 cawan serbuk Milo
10 ozs tepung self-raising --> I kurangkan jadi 200g only
6ozs Hershey's semi-sweet mini chocolate -chips --> I used normal choc chips
1 sudu teh vanilla essence
1 biji kuning telur

I add another 20g of dessicated coconut (as I like the hinted of chewy and crunchy taste of coconut)

Leave the butter at room temperature. Combine it with sugar, vanilla, cream of tartar and soda bicarbonate. Then whip it with Milo, egg yolk (sometimes kalau I malas kan, I just dump the whole :P. The outcome still the some), and choc chips. Then masukkan self raising flour.

Preheat oven at 150-180 celcius. Then bake at 150 celcius for 20 mins. Btw, this depends on the oven jugak tau. Ada yg need higher temp and shorter time.



Seriously I tak tipu. Sedappp and rasa macam Famous Amos. I mean, like serious shit okk. Kalau tak percaya can ask my friends and MrComot. Ahahaha... I don't need to convince you guys that hard, if you have the time, just try it out =D

The bottom. See the texture? You can feel the crunchiness okk :D

Btw I would like to share with you guys my experience dealing with choc chips. I tried Hersheys before and it tastes good, like always.

The thing is, I always have this perception - good brand, good taste and quality.

But it wont apply this time for this choc chips! Oddly I found this local-cheap-choc-chips taste as good as the branded one! In fact, I favoured this one a bit as it is creamier and melted nicely in my cookies and muffin. I definitely will buy this local-made again.

Local choc chips from Bake With Yen, Chow Kit. RM5 only for 500g.

Branded one. RM7.95 for 250g.

My advice is, try few types of choc chips and you will find the one that suite you! Then you can name it Femes (your name) . Ahahahaha sama2 lah kita perasan kan.

Ps: If you want to 'rasa' this so called Femes Andes, jemput lah raya tahun ni :P

Happy baking babes!


  1. yummylicious okkk. patut poskan sikit ke negeri sembilan :P

  2. okey.. part cookies dah lulus ni. lpas ni kena ambik ujian buat nasi ayam, kari daging, n ikan bawal sweet sour pulak yer..

    n not forgotten, spagethi sekali..

  3. Nur, apa kata kita buat sama2 nnt hehe

    Rena, panjangggg okkkkk menu tuuu! Spegeti kena belajar ngan Rena la :D