Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Haircut

How's ur 2012 so far? Mine biasa-biasa je. We didn't go anywhere or even stayed up late for the fireworks. But we still didn't sleep that time, just because we sleep at 1AM everyday. As usual, I have a lot of wishlist and resolution for 2012, which I'm gonna share later ;)

Anyway, 2012 also embarks Zahra with new haircut!!

Not from a posh salon or professional hairdresser, it was from her grandma! Haha.

Actually, Zahra's bang dah panjang, we keep on procrastinate to cutting it mainly because of time. By the way, we never cut rambut Zahra outside pun, it always done by me..I'll just snip depan tu to avoid masuk mata. And last few days, dah masuk mata but too busy, by the time I want to cut, dah malam, so macam tak best nak potong malam-malam.

Hair before. Dah cucuk-cucuk mata.

But last few days, my mom tak tahan tengok and she took a pair or scissor and SNIP it at one go! Hahaha.. She wanted to trim a bit but I said tak payah la! Sebab dah malam kan. And Zahra pun can't sit still. Lepas tu asyik gerak-gerak. Dapat potong sekali pun jadi la. As long as tak masuk mata, it's fine to me.

But my mom cut it too fast and too short that equal to penan-lookalike hairstyle! Haha kesian my baby. It's so weird that make her look like a penan-boy. Anyway, both mommy and daddy too lazy to fix it, so biar je la yer.

Seems like she's going to have her birthday with that haircut! Redho je la yer Zahra. It will grow up again, in 3 months time ;)


  1. Heheheh...Zahra dan muka cheeky die. Cute! Aan, takde birthday party special utk Zahra ke thn nie? Pas birthday Zahra, Aydin akan menyusul.


  2. salam,

    sama mcm rambut Eiman, lurus dan sedikit senget kat belah kanan. me blame ZwanZwan dengki tanak potong elok-elok sbb takut orang cakap Eiman lagi ensem dari dia. hahahahah...

    my haircut masa kecil is always like the helmet/tembikai cut. hehehhe

  3. Mommy Fara,
    Aydin pun January baby? Wahhh bestnya! Me takde plan special, maybe beli kek tiup je kut. Kita tengok mcm mana :P

    Haha confirm Eiman menang hensem walau mcm mana pun rambut dia sbb Eiman ada gene you *terbakar Zwan hahaha*.