Monday, June 13, 2011

EBM Spring Cleaning

EBM melted under the sun

We were doing some spring cleaning yesterday and there was 3-stack of EBM to throw away, not because of its getting expired, just because Zahra don't want EBM anymore and we need the freezer space. All she wants now is direct feeding and other than that, it has to be chocolate milk. I tried to mix my EBM with chocolate sauce before but she she refuse it. Maybe I should try to mix it with Milo..hmm.. Anyway, only 1 stack is thrown, got another 2 stack before we part for good. Still contemplating to throw it, I have a this sentimental feeling untuk buang the EBM..because you know's not easy ok, to pump and store, and not to mention seeing all the nutritions seeped into the earth, instead of my daughter :(

Itupun I forgot to snap picture before it's taken out of its storage bag and put on the grass. MrComot yg buat semua ni and he keep on saying sorry to me. I know he feels sad too. Takpela..hopefully I'll be able to BF my second one, and Zahra back. Aminn...


  1. eh, nmpk cute je EBM kat garden, mommy mst sedihkan? of cos la kan? apelah sy nie =)

  2. Aan : Ruginya!!! Mesti u rasa sedih kann?? Penat2 pump....

  3. Mommy Fara,
    Mesti la sedih.. :( tapi nak buat mcm mana...takpela..ada hikmahnya :)

    Tu la pasal..lucky sapa2 yg anak dia nak EBM lagi. Me pun tatau mcm mana nak paksa or encourage Zahra dah..terpaksa let go je