Friday, June 24, 2011

My Sweet-17 Months Pwincess

Due to a lot of factors, I missed writing Zahra Elena's growth for 2 months! Ok since it's Friday, lets forget about the little mishap and recap what she's been up to recently :D

When she was 16 months, her favourite word was Nyaa for cat, aakk akkk for bird and wuuwuuf for dog. We had a delightful time playing with her:

"Zahra zahra, cat bunyi macam mana?"
"Aaak aaakkk"
"Dog? Dog?"
"wuuwuuf! wuuwuuf!"

I don't know where she learnt the dog's sound, but I guess from the neighbourhood. She must heard the dog barking from far. At first she couldn't differentiate cats and dogs physically, but after a while, she got her eyes correctly. Only kalau cute cute and very little dog, she will still point it as a cat :)

She loveeesss stickers so much and her latest addiction is to stick the stickers on her cheeks! So funny. She will keep on peeling the stickers, stick it at her cheek and shows it to me.

Semua ni dia lekat sendiri. Tak faham apa motif dia haha.

I also noticed she starts to vain a bit. Let say if I want her to tie her hair, I just say, "Zahra Zahra jom ikat rambut cantik?", then she will grin cheekily and let me tie her hair, and then run to MrComot to show him the rambut. And MrComot will exclaim, "Wooowww cantiknya anak daddy!" And she will be happy with the hair hahaha. Before this it's a bit hard for me to touch her hair and she tends to pull out the hairclip.

She also understands quite a number of instructions nowadays, like if I ask her to pick something for me, and not to mention copying our action. So dangerous. Thank God she's picking up good one like if anything spills, she quickly find a cloth or tissue next by and wipe it. Sometimes susah jugak, dia pegi amik baju baru basuh haha. But I just let her do it, at least she knows we have to clean the spillage. Then the latest one she will pick her own dirty cloth after I changed her and dump it in the red laundry basket. Pandainya anak mommy! So I keep on encouraging her doing it. After changed I will say, "Zahra Zahra, ambik baju kotor letak dalam bakul..haa mana bakul".

Her vocabs is developing but still limited to one word per time. For example, if she wants water, she will say "Air!" not "Nak air!". I tried to teach her the word nak..tapi she doesn't want to say/pick it up. Takpela..just let her adventuring the word first.

Another word she like using
1) ball for bola, any kind of ball, big ball or small ping pong ball
2) emmmaaa! for mickey mouse (whenever she wants us to on the youtube on the laptop or on my handphone she will say this)
3) moo moo for cow's painting that daddy made :D
4) tutu for milk
5) bak for my boobs
6) choos for shoes
7) and other a few words that I'm not sure what it means hahaha

Her happily watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse video, siap keluar lidah.

Yeah, she has this habit to stick out her tongue whenever she's being happy hehehe.

She already call MrComot deddy! Damn! Hahaha. She doesn't call me anything yet..but sometimes she will call me mama, not mommy. She calls my MIL nai-nai (grandma in Mandarin) and my FIL yeh-yeh (grandpa in Mandarin). When we were on weekend, she will starts saying "nai-nai..yeh-yeh". Wahh dah pandai rindu ok.. because we see my PIL every night on the weekdays.

She's also a very cheeky monkey and manja one. She loves to lie down on my arm, armpit to be exact while I'm reading her books. She doesn't fond with TV, maybe because we rarely watch TV. But kalau nampak laptop bag je, terus tarik and ask me to open her mickey mouse. She also loves my massage when she was 16months. After I bathed her, I will massage the whole body with lotion and she will turn over lie down on her tummy fot me to massage her back, can? Macam pegi spa! But she stop liking it when she is 17months. Now she prefers me to scratch her back..everytime after shower and when I'm readying her, she will slightly turn her body and say "Niiii..." meaning, please scratch my waist mama! Then after I finish one side, she will turn to another and side and say "Niiiii..." again and again and again hahaha.. Sometimes I layan dia pusing-pusing and scratch her waist until she's bored, sometimes I just do it twice and saidd " more!". Haha comel betul.

Her current favourite food still soft tofu and brocolli. Senang mak! And totally rejects my EBM. Once in a while I still try to give her the EBM. Seems like have to go through another EBM spring cleaning this weekend.

Other than that, she's a really healthy and easy baby..except the NS incident. Takpe, you stay strong ok, mommy know you can fight it!

Zahra about a month ago.

Happy 17months my little one. Looking for forward to grow up with you. You taught me a lot of thing especially when it involves patience ;)


  1. hehehe...comel zahra dgn wisel tu! suke betul baca cite about zahra nie! cute! mcm aydin gak! heheheh....

  2. Hehe macam2 kan perangai derang skrg, geram sangat!