Friday, June 3, 2011

Mummy and Baby #2

Ok lets talk about me 2nd pregnancy :)

I realized that I havent write anything about, just because I am too busy and tired after a long day. After 5 months, finally I manage to squeeze the time to summarize about little one. Yes, I am already 5 months!! Kesian baby ni macam neglected.

Anyway, honestly this pregnancy is a bit unexpected because I planned to get pregnant again when Zahra close to 2yo and at least when I gained some extra kilos. I remained underweight and start this pregnancy at 40kilos! Can you imagine that? When I started to conceive Zahra, I was 50kilos. It is 10 kilos difference.

There are a few aspect that I would like to pour about this pregnancy.

#First Reaction
When I say it is unexpected, it really is because I don't even remember when was my last period. I just noticed that I missed one month period then I said, ok normal lah, maybe because I still breastfeeding, then when it comes to 2nd month, I did the test, it turned out positive then I made an appointment with my gynea but she is full until the next month, so I first saw her to check on the pregnancy on my 3rd month, end of my 1st trimester. I used 2 sticks to confirm on the pregnancy, first murah2 punya RM5.90 then I bought the digital one at RM30 and both clearly stated positive. Punya la tak percaya.

First thing that came across my mind when I know I am pregnant is sad. Not sad with the baby, but sad with Zahra Elena. I kesiankan dia because I keep thinking that she has to compromise with the little baby and be a big girl. But look now, she still pampered and the little one pulak yg neglected. Sorry baby..

#The pregnancy
I am doing very well in this pregnancy, compared to last one. There is no bleeding like the first time, only a small stain for about a week. And no cyst like before. In fact, I feel rather great and healthy only the big difference that I notice is, I feel very very exhausted. It really drains me out that by end of the day, I already flat and all I want to do is sleep. I no longer have interest to go shopping or sight seeing just because I am very tired. Yeah, tired is my middle name now that I keep on saying to my hubby, "sorry sayang, me so lembik, semua menda penat..berdiri sikit pun penat and tak buat apa-apa" :(

On the hormone side, I notice that I get angry easily. Maybe due to tiredness. I easily pissed on small matter especially at work when I receive normal email or deal with people, but somehow, I realize it and have talked about it with MrComot. He also noticed the changes and said it is OK for me to get pissed with him, but don't be out of control and pour it to strangers because they won't understand like he does. So starting from there, I slowly calm myself and always rethink what I'm going to say/act when I face a few situation. Thank God the temper only last for few weeks in my first trimester and now I think I am the gentlest and most patience person on earth haha. Ok pat on my shoulder, baby #2 going to be very patience :)

I still BF Zahra when I was in my first trimester. I've read a lot of articles and studies
and it is totally safe to continue breastfeeding while pregnant. But the hormone changed rapidly and my boobies hurt like hell whenever I BF her and I totally giving up. I prepared myself that it's going to hurt but I don't know it's that hurt. Plus my milk is drying up, so I can't satisfy her totally. She will take longer time to sleep and to nurse because she has to change the boobies for few times to get all the milk after they refill. And I was very tired as well, so I can't take it and decided to wean her. We bought formula milk because she refused my EBM stock, and I thought FM will make a change, unfortunately she chose to be stubborn and refused the FM too. What she did was, eat like usual at the babysitter but wait until I picked her in the evening and quickly latch on my until we reach the house. I have no choice because I can't see her not to take any milk right? So I keep BF her until on my 2nd trimester, my milk totally dried up (I read that it depends on the one's body, ada yg still ada abundant milk during pregnancy, but for me,
memang habis). When I reached my 2nd trimester, Zahra realize she can't satisfy her thirst with my milk anymore and not to mention the texture also changed. I realize it's thickier and whitier. I read online that the breastmilk also turns saltier so the baby will feel more thirsty instead. This is proven as Zahra will ask for water after every nurse.

In my 2nd trimester finally Zahra opens to formula milk. Itu pun after I bought her the chocolate flavour. Ohh it's Dugro's coklat lazat hehe. Coklat lazat ok. Haishh macam2. Anyway my EBM still in the fridge, pumped from Dec 2010 til Feb 2011 :( She still latches whenever I am there, especially before bed time, most probably just as her drug satisfaction hehe.. So I can say she only 100% on breastmilk for 1 year 2 months. It's a bit emotional for me (I'm sure most of breastfeeding mommy will feel this) because I want to give her the goodness as long as she wants it, and the bonding. Nothing beats the feeling when she finds comfort on your chest and it's like the magic medicine for everything! If she cries because of pain, scared of something, discomfort with the weather, etc, just flash your boob and everything is alright.

Anyway, while we at this topic, in any case you are in the same boat with me, remember this:

Pregnant women need to eat well, drink plenty of water, remain as stress-free as possible, and stay well rested. Nursing moms need to eat well, drink plenty of water, remain as stress-free as possible, and stay well rested. Sense a trend? If you’re both pregnant and nursing, you need to be doubly good to yourself and the wee ones counting on you. It’s vital that you stay well nourished by maintaining a healthy, nutritionally balanced and varied diet. You may be advised to consume extra calories and consider taking vitamin supplements. This is especially important when your nursling is under a year old and less likely to be taking in many supplemental solids.

#Baby #2
Ok time to talk about my little one :) I don't really know when I can meet him/her just because I don't remember my last period hehehe. My gynea siap gelak-gelakkan I lagi. So we solely rely on the scan estimation. The thing is, the EDD keep on changing if using the scan. The first time we went, the EDD was 16 October 2011, the 2nd one is 9 September 2011, then the latest one is 6 October 2011 aha! Banyak beza ok haha. So ladies, please keep track your period, it really
important for you to estimate the due date. Well, we will know the exact date much later, when I am in 3rd trimester but you will need this early EDD for you to plan your trips ke whatever la. Contohnya mcm kitaorg, right after we know the first EDD, terus beli ticket flight to Terengganu to balik kampung in August as I thought I'll be around 6 months that time, if the EDD really change, I might burn the ticket, depends on my condition and how heavy I am that time.

The baby's growth is according to the chart..with everything on track, the hartbeat, the movement, the length, etc, even though I am a bit skinny. I gain weight accordingly to the pregnancy, now at 5 months with accumulative of 6 kilos. Alhamdulillah.. We might confirm on the gender on the next checkup (that will be about next 2 or 3 weeks, need to refer to my calendar).

Other than being healthy, baby #2 is kinda neglected, in a sense of keeping track, taking tummy pictures, my diet, etc. I still eat my supplement, the calcium, obimin and folic acid, only that I don't eat fruits and other healthy diet as much as I do during my first pregnancy. Most of the time because I am too busy and then forget, or too tired to eat anymore, hilang selera. Sorry baby, mommy trying my best here...

Now it reminds me that I haven't finished my pregnancy album with Zahra yet! Haiyohh...ok gotta do it before baby#2 pop out.

Anyway guys, wish me luck and hopefully everything is going to be ok. Below is my latest pic, around last week, at 5 months ;)


  1. perlulah senyum sambil jeling tu? seram ok!

    ahahaha...harap-harap everything turns out for the best. Me still mahu giget pipi Zahra, blh?

  2. hi..

    i'm your silent reader since the birth of zahra :)

    been meaning to congratulate you on your 2nd pregnancy, but ada rasa malu2 gitu :)

    hope this pregnancy will be as wonderful as the 1st one, with the baby doing well and all.. it's ok to layan zahra puas2 now, sebab bila dah keluar the 2nd one, susah dah nak bg undivided attention :(

    you take care ya.. dont forget to eat vitamins, fruits, veges and drink milk.. that's the least you can do for yourself and the growing baby inside :)

  3. from zahru to 2nd follow je seme cite2 u...seronok okeh! good luck n jage diri baik2 okeh?

  4. alalalalallaaa...andes gedikkk!!! anyway, me wish u a smoothsailing pregnancy *mwahhsss*

    ps: tolong updatekan blog me boleh :P

  5. lalinkkkkkk!! i thought baru lagi. skali dah ada big bump. congratsss ok. muacksss..

  6. aan,i tot 2m.o++...hehehe
    anyway,take care....

    p/s:Zahra Elena, n Nora Elena...aiyooo...sweettttt

  7. CIk Kopi,
    Scary ke? Me rasa macam gedik je hehe..Cannn gigit, bila mo jumpa ni..

    Hi! Thanks for the advice. Yeah..nanti dah 2 org, the attention dah jadi lain :(. But we'll look it in positive way :D Thankie..doing my best here *ok terus makan apple :P*

    MOmmy Fara,
    Thanksss!! Hehe tengah cuba berseronok ni

    Thanks darl!

    Kannn gedik kann? Me macam malas nak update, but tak aci ok..Zahra punya cover up mcm almost hari2 :P Cepat la sapu habuk blog u tu

    Tu la tak sempat update. Thankyouuu mwahhh :*

    Thanksss!! Tu la..ada pulak cerita nora elena. Ishh tiru Zahra la ni hehehe